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Download Minecraft Snapshot 12w19a - New Cocoa Plants, Large Biomes World Type

Download Minecraft Snapshot 12w19a - New Cocoa Plants, Large Biomes World Type
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Jeb has released the official snapshot for 12w19a. It comes with new cocoa plants, mysterious large biomes and better naming for sand stone and smooth stone blocks.

With all the Xbox hype going on, most PC players will be pleased to know that Jeb has stayed true to his word. Snapshot 12w19a was released bang on schedule and as usual it comes with new features.

New Features in 12w19a

  • Coca Plants in jungle biomes
  • Large biomes world type
  • Specific names for sandstone and smooth stone blocks

For the first time in Minecraft, cocoa beans will become a renewable source. As you probably know, cocoa is a key ingredient in the cookie recipe so this is going to save us time finding dungeon chests. It can also be used as a dye to make brown wool.

Apart from these features you can expect bug fixes to be included too. Let's hope they fixed those bugs from the buggy 12w18a snapshot the week before!

New SPC (Single Player Commands) included in 12w19a

Snapshot 12w19 includes new SPC, they are:

  • /pardon – excuse someone who was previously banned
  • /stop – stop the server (kicks everyone off)
  • /tp – teleport one player to another players destination
  • /pardon-ip – excuse someone by IP who was previously banned
  • /whitelist – add, remove and access the whitelist
  • /banlist – view the ban list
  • /say – send a message to everyone on the server
  • /list – list how many players are online and show their names

Quick Video

Download Links

You can download the latest snapshot using the links below:

Client: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w19a/minecraft.jar

Server: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w19a/minecraft_server.jar (exe)


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