Download Skyrim Creation Kit Now - Tutorials, Videos and Getting Started Guide

Download Skyrim Creation Kit Now - Tutorials, Videos and Getting Started Guide

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The wait is over, you can now download the Skyrim Creation kit and start creating your own mods. Creation Kit comes with complete control over dialogs, quests, objects, graphics and so much more.

The list of tutorials is growing already and Bethesda even have their own YouTube channel just for Creation Kit walkthroughs. The first tutorial talks us through the object window including exploring actors, items, monsters, weapons, sounds etc. The kit comes with a great search feature that lets you find all references to a particular thing. For example, you can search for troll and you'll get results for books about trolls, trolls themselves etc..

If you're an experience modder and have used the Creation Engine before with games such as New Vegas, Fallout 3 or Oblivion, then you'll breeze through the beginners tutorials and will want to take a look at the veteran features here

The Skyrim Creation Kit wiki can be found here It covers everything you'll need to know about the kit including all the new Skyrim features such as:

  • Workflow
  • Lighting
  • Books
  • Shadow Lights
  • Story Manager
  • Quests
  • Scenes
  • Magic Effects
  • Shouts
  • Characters
  • Scripting – Papyrus Primer
  • AI Behaviour
  • Combat Styles
  • Packages

If you're a level designer, you'll be interested in building new gameplay spaces to expand the game. These level design tutorials will be your first port of call. If you're a quest designer and want to create new Skyrim stories then the quest design tutorial series if just for you . Alternatively, if you're a hard core coder then dabble with the new Papyrus scripting language which is like Ruby and Python. It offers a superior level of power for modders of Bethesda games. It's a complex language so you'll want to see the complete scripting reference guide to help you out with syntax and naming conventions.

Once mods have been created they are uploaded to the Steam Workshop. You can find a list of all popular and top rated mods through the Skyrim Steam community pages

1st Official Creation Kit Tutorial Video

Surprise Gift

As promised by Bethesda, the creation kit comes with a surprise gift. It's a high definition (HD) texture pack that lets you experience Skyrim like never before. You can download the texture pack directly from Steam but just make sure you've got the PC power to run it!

High Resolution Texture Pack – Screenshots

Skyrim Creation Kit - HD Texture 1

Skyrim Creation Kit - HD Texture 2

Skyrim Creation Kit - HD Texture 3

How to download the Skyrim Creation Kit

You need to login to your Steam account and visit the Tools section.

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