Halo Reach ISO torrent download

Halo Reach ISO torrent download

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It's been reported that the new Halo Reach game has been downloaded by GameTuts who compromised a private Microsoft Xbox online area.

The area of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace was supposed to be used for selected reviewers to see the pre-release copy of the Halo Reach game before launch.

Millions of users are furiously downloading the Halo Reach ISO from torrent sharing sites to get a glimpse of the new game before its official launch in Septemeber 2010. Microsoft has said that it is going to come down hard on users who download the game illegally make every attempt to stop them.

We strongly recommend that users do not download the Halo Reach game and use it on their Xbox. You may risk being penalised by Microsoft and even barred from Microsoft Xbox Live. Hence no multiplier experience when the game does come out!!

Avoid download from sites such as: Isohunt.com, Torrentz.com, thepiratebay.org, www.kickasstorrents.com, sharereactor.com..

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