How to start the Dawnguard Quest in Skyrim?

How to start the Dawnguard Quest in Skyrim?

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The Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim is now available to download on Xbox 360. If you want to start the vampire quest and hunt down those blood sucking monsters, follow the instructions below. Beware, the marker location is a bug and it points you in the wrong direction.

After you install the new Dawnguard DLC, new quests will open up as you talk to other characters. You just need to be at level 10 or above to unlock the new quests.

Follow these instructions to open the quest

1. Find a nearby guard

2. Talk to the guard and he'll tell you the rumours about vampires returning to Skyrim:

"These vampires are becoming a real menace"

Luckily there's an elite group that hunts for vampires and they're looking for new recruits.

3. This unlocks the find Fort Dawnguard quest.

4. Make your way over to the Fort by heading in the direction of the map marker.

5. Go through the mountains and head towards the cave that eventually takes you to Fort Dawnguard. It's located on the border between Skyrim and Morrowind.

6. Once inside, you can start the Dawnguard quest and join the ancient order of Dawnguard

As a vampire hunter you'll get the new crossbow weapon which is more powerful than a bow. It also knocks the enemy back on impact.

Dawnguard characters also include the armoured trolls which are super-sized and super strength monsters.


If you're having trouble finding Fort Dawnguard then don't worry it's a bug with the map marker. It points you in the wrong direction. The compass marker (above the screen) is correct and you can follow that marker to the fort. The real location is slightly north east of the map marker.

If you are not level 10 then you can still start the quest, but you'll need to find Fort Dawnguard yourself (without the map marker).

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