Minecraft Trading and Currency Coming Soon - Official!

Minecraft Trading and Currency Coming Soon - Official!

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Jeb has just released the first official screenshot of trading in Minecraft. So after weeks of speculation and lots of nudges from fellow fans, Jeb has finally succumbed to the idea of trading with Villages.

It's early days but by the look of the screenshot, Minecraft will get both a currency and trading system. See below:

Minecraft Trading and Currency Screenshot

Minecraft Trading and Currency

If you look at the top of the inventory screen, there are two spaces. One for trading in your items for currency (red coins) and the other area, closer to the top of the inventory, for trading those coins for items.

We assume that the arrows allow you to browse through the villagers inventory and exchange items that you desire the most. Looks like villages prefer food too, shown by the raw chicken equating to 4 red coins. Coins are also stackable which is proven by the players inventory (up to 64?).

Lot's more to come on this feature as we get closer to the next snapshot..it's going to be a good one!

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