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Mojam 2013 Starts 20th Feb - Watch it Live!

Mojam 2013 Starts 20th Feb - Watch it Live!
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Mojang have announced that Mojam 2013 will take place on Wed 20th Feb at 6pm CEST, Live from Stockholm. You can watch the event live (via livestream) for 5 days and see what imaginary creations the teams come up with.

They'll be the usual joking around combined with competitions and probably a new tour of the office. Minecraft developers - Notch, Jeb and Dinnerbone will be hammering away like mad with the rest of the devs to create a fully working game by midnight on Saturday.

All for charity, this year's Mojam event will also involve 5 other game studios:

  • Grapefrukt
  • Ludosity
  • Oxeye Game Studio
  • Vlambeer
  • Wolfire Games

Most of you will know all about Oxeye Game Studio because they're responsible for Coblat. Vlambeer are also renowned for the brilliant Super Crate box game but the others are relatively unknown. It'll be exciting to watch with the extra developers on board!

The theme for the game is still undecided and you've got the chance to participate. Visit the Mojang website and cast your vote by choosing two random words:


Where can I watch Mojam 2013 live?

As always, there will be a livestream of the event right here on our site. Check back on the 20th Feb for the live event or watch highlights after the event…it's up to you..

Enjoy Mojam 2013!!


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