New Skyrim Portal Gun and Toy Soldiers Mods

New Skyrim Portal Gun and Toy Soldiers Mods

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The portal gun and toy soldier mods are two of the more interesting mods to hit the Steam Workshop lately. Teleport across the screen using the robotic portal gun (replica from the Portal game) or set up epic battles for your own enjoyment with toy soldiers.

Toy Soldiers Mod

If you're a fan of Minecraft then you may remember the Clay Soldiers mod that let you build huge armies of toy soldiers and then set them loose on each other. Well, ColloseusX has taken the same idea to Skyrim and developed his own Skyrim mod using the Steam Creation Kit. It's uploaded to the Workshop so head over to the link below if you want to give it a try.

The mod gives you new 'Call Forth' spells to create your own armies. You can summon anything from draugr skeletons and legions. Line up the toy soliders, flick the switch and let the battle commence!

Video for Skyrim Toy Soliders Mod

Skyrim Portal Mod

If you've played the Portal game then you'll know all about the portal gun. Thanks to z0mbi880, he's created a replica Portal gun using the Skyrim creation kit. Even though it's an early alpha version the design is spot on and the portal works fine. Simply point the gun at the location you want to teleport to, activate and away you go. You'll be instantly teleported across to the new location. Take a look at the video below to see it in action..

Video for Skyrim Portal Mod

Hope you enjoy the new Skyrim mods..

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