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Pervert ruins Minecraft PAX party for blonde girl

Pervert ruins Minecraft PAX party for blonde girl
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You probably knew that PAX 2012 took place over the weekend and that Mojang had their own stand and even their own panel. Notch being a party loving guy also held a Minecraft party in Seattle to celebrate with close friends and fans. Sadly this party was overshadowed by a mysterious man who felt the need to dangle his privates in front of a blonde girl (and others).

The event has caused uproar in recent days with the victim posting her own record of the incident. It sounds pretty sick! Not only did the guy feel the need to dangle his privates in front of the girl but he also forced her hand onto his groin and showed her photos of breasts. Where the f**k do these people come from??

Notch - PAX 2012 Party

To be clear, this party was not organized by Mojang nor affiliated with PAX in anyway. It was organized by Notch himself and just happened to take place during the PAX weekend.

Most gamers would agree that this guy deserves no place at any gaming party or convention. What he did was disgusting and should be prosecuted. Notch has tweeted that he intends to get to the bottom of the incident including finding the security guard who thought it was acceptable behaviour.

We've all seen the E3 babes but please, come on, admire but don't cross the line..

You can view the victim's story over here:

Warning for younger readers - this post contains adult material or references.



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