Witcher 3 - Every Place of Power Location on the Map

Witcher 3 - Every Place of Power Location on the Map

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Places of Power are spiritual shrines located in the wilderness of the Witcher 3 map. They reward players with FREE skill points whenever you visit one. In this article I'll show you the location of every Place of Power, thus giving you the opportunity to upgrade Geralt's abilities quickly and early on.

There's nothing stopping you from venturing across the map (preferably using Roach for speed and navigation) and picking up these easy Skill Points early in the game. Then it's up to you how you want to spend the points: Combat, Signs, Alchemy or in the General skills section.

The icon for a Place of Power is shown below:

Place of Power icon

Players should note that you can only earn one skill point per Place of Power, and you can't return later for more points. There are other ways to earn Skill Points of course and the most obvious of these is through levelling up. Apart from Skill Points you also gain intensity bonuses to one of your Signs when you visit a Place of Power (details below).

An important piece of advice for low level players - the wilderness, particularly No Man's Land is full of monsters and you're guaranteed to bump into a few along the way. My advice is to avoid confrontations where possible and circumvent round these threats rather than fighting your way through them. You can always come back when you've maxed out more of your skill tree.

Ok enough of the talking, down to business! I've split the locations into their appropriate areas: Novigrad, No Man's Land etc.. and added some notes to guide you to the right place.


Electors Square

Electors Square

To the north of Novigrad lies Electors Square which is accessible via St Gregory's Bridge. Upon reaching Electors Square, turn North East and head towards the coast. You'll find a Place of Power just on the edge of the city limits.

No Man's Land

1. Alness


To the East of Novigrad lies a barren wasteland which is part of the larger No Mans Land area. It's a dry area with patches of greenery and fewer Fast Travel points. Head towards the small town of Alness, then turn South East (in the general direction of Vegelbud Residence). You'll find a Place of Power where the three roads meet.

2. Dragon Slayer's Grotto

Dragon Slayer's Grotto

The eastern side of No Man's Land is thick with forests before the terrain turns mountainous and boggy further south. In this area lies Reardon Manor, Dragon Slayer's Grotto and Down Warren. Roughly halfway between Dragon Slayer's Grotto and Down Warren you'll find another Place of Power on the edge of the forest.

3. Ancient Oak

Ancient Oak

Towards the far south east of No Man's Land lies the Ruined Tower and The Orphans of Crookback Bog. Further south of these two locations lies the Ancient Oak, an area surrounded by dense woodland. From the starting point of Ancient Oak, head west towards the cave and you'll find the Place of Power nearby.

4. Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain

South west of Ancient Oak lies Road to Bald Mountain, a small location on the edge of the water and right besides the mountainous terrain of Bald Mountain. From the starting point of Road to Bald Mountain head east towards the cave and carry on until you reach the Place of Power. Prepare for rugged terrain and some climbing.

5. Frischlow


Deep in the south of No Man's Land lies Frischlow, a small location surrounded by patchy land and many water spots. It's a halfway point across the water from Byways to Olena's Grove. From Frischlow head south towards the edge of the island and you'll find the Place of Power just be the waters edge.

6. Byways


To the west of No Man's Land lies Duen Hen, Byways and Fyke Isle. At the cross section of these three points lies another Place of Power, not far from the water and surrounded by some nice hidden treasure too. The best way to reach this location is to either walk north from Byways through the dense forest, or alternatively take a shortcut by boat from Fyke Isle or Greton.

Skellige Islands



Towards the south east of Skellige lies a "stretched" island with two main locations: Haiviken and Trottheim. The Place of Power is located to the western side of this island, slightly inland but beyond the cave.



Located in the north eastern corner of the north eastern island of Skellige, this Place of Power is only a couple of minutes walk from Svorlag. If riding by horse, simply follow the path from Svorlag and head west, the path then leads north and circles back down south. The shrine as it the very end of the path.

Yngvar's Fang

Yngvar's Fang

To the north east of Skellige lies an island with a circular shape (similar to mini-Australia). Locations on this island include Yngvar's Fang, Bay of Winds, Urialla Harbor and Trail to Yngvar's Fang. The actual Place of Power is located in the heart of Yngvar's Fang.

Bridge to Kaer Trolde

Bridge to Kaer Trolde

On the central, larger island, look to the far western side. Located beyond the Bridge to Kaer Trolde, players need to head west across the bridge into the snowy, mountainous region. The Place of Power is on the verge of the steep landscape.

Ancient Crypt

Ancient Crypt

Again on the central island, this Place of Power is located in the north of the island. It's south of the Ancient Crypt and east of the Bridge to Kaer Trolde. There are no clear paths to this location which is in the middle of nowhere.

Druid Camp

Druid Camp

From the central island, head to the far eastern side. Just south east of the dense forest area is Druid Camp and to the right of that is another Place of Power. Another notable point in this area is the Abandoned Sawmill which is north east of Druid Camp (shown on map image above).

This post will be continually updated as more Places of Power are found

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