Yogventures - Yogscast attempting to copy Minecraft with new game

Yogventures - Yogscast attempting to copy Minecraft with new game

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If you like Minecraft and you've watched a few YouTube videos in your time, then you'll surely know who Yogscast are. They became famous for their excellent Minecraft gameplay videos and infamously responsible for upsetting notch at Minecon.

Well, it looks like all the fame has gone to their head recently because they're trying to copy Minecraft by creating a near identical copy called Yogventures. It's a 3D adventure game that's about as close to Minecraft as you can get.

Yogscast describe the game as an open world sandbox game (sound familiar huh?). It's a multiplayer game with blocks (cubes), a modding system, destructible environments and you can dig. It's a case of déjà vu. But to be fair, the graphics look completely different (and quite impressive).

Yogscast will not be funding the game with their own money. Instead, the project has been funded by the kickstarter website where gamers can donate money in advance to help create a game. As the name suggests, it gives the game a kickstart with financial capital. There's no guarantee that the games going to be any good or that it'll even get finished.

Unlike Notch who has spent most of his life coding, Yogscast have no development experience when it comes to creating games. Notch had both the idea and the skill to create a great game himself. The Yogscast on the other hand are over here in the UK whilst the games going to be developed state side.

Yogverntures Alpha - Video

There is no denying that Yogscast have got talent when it comes to video production but can they really spin that into a successful game that's copied too much from Minecraft? We wait to see..

If you like Yogscast and you want to find out more about Yogventures then visit the official website over at:

Official website for Yogverntures

Kickstarter Project

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