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Bow and Arrow Weapon

Bow and Arrow Weapon
The Bow weapon was added in v0.0.5 together with craftable arrows. It can be used to kill animals for food and mutants as well. Players must craft arrows for the Bow which is otherwise useless without them.

Crafting Recipe

The Bow is crafted in the inventory screen (Rucksack) by combining Sticks, Cloth and Rope. It is not a buildable item from the survival book which some people commonly mistake for the crafting screen.

Where to find Rope?

Sticks can be found by chopping down small trees and plants in the forest, whilst both Cloth and Rope must be collected by scavenging the map. Cloth is usually located inside suitcase near the crash site and the yacht, whilst Rope is commonly found hanging from the ceilings of caves or in mutant villages.


Without Arrows, the Bow is nothing but a harmless instrument. You need to combine more Sticks with Feathers to create stacks of Arrows. Thankfully, sticks and feathers are easy to collect by chopping down small plants and killing birds for feathers. A good tip is to build a small trap which will cause an influx of sea gulls, thus making a nice feather farm for your arrows.

Using the bow

In v0.0.5 the Bow requires a lot of skill to kill animals and mutants. There is no crosshair or target, leaving players to simply guess the general direction the arrow will travel. When facing fast moving targets such as mutants and birds, the Bow is tame to say the least.

The Bow also has another downside in that it requires two hands to use, making it all but useless in dark caves and at night. Without sufficient light, it's impossible to see where you're shooting. The advantage of the bow is that it's a ranged weapon making it advantageous from high ground or a vantage point.

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