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Simple Raft - How to Build and Use

Simple Raft - How to Build and Use
Posted by James on 16 June 2014

Added in update v0.02 the Simple Raft was the first buildable boat to be included in The Forest. Players build the boat by selecting the blueprint from the Survival Book and planting it on dry land. It's a bit buggy in v0.02 because the boat lacks a sail but the player can still ride the boat if they wish.

In future updates the raft will become an essential means of transport required for exploring the other islands and possibly escaping the island for good. For now it's an early feature and clearly an experimental one too.

How to build

The Raft is constructed from 5 wooden logs, which are acquired by chopping down large trees as usual. Thankfully in v0.02 the large trees are a little easier to cut down.

Players should build the raft blueprint on dry land first, much as you would build a log cabin or shelter. I recommend choosing a spot on the beach away from rocks with a clear path to the water.

How to ride and control the Raft

Once built you have to push the Raft into the water before you can ride it. This is accomplished by literally walking up to the Raft and shoving it in the desired direction. Upon entering the water it'll bobble around so take a well-timed jump and you'll be able to stand on top of it.

Unfortunately as mentioned above, the Raft lacks a sail in v0.02 which makes it a bit useless. You'll find yourself floating aimlessly in the water with no means of controlling the direction of the boat. There are no paddles or other items to push the boat along.

You can try swimming behind the raft and pushing it in the direction you want, then quickly jumping back on board when the sharks come too close. This is effective but it's a tiring way to travel he seas.

Later versions of the game (possibly v0.03) will add the Sail item that players will use to steer and push the boat via wind energy.

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