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How to Craft Explosives and Bombs

How to Craft Explosives and Bombs
In addition to the Molotov, players can also craft a stronger explosive that causes intense damage with the same radius effect. The bomb is crafted from 3 items that you'll find hidden in the map, one particular item is the circuit board which is hard to find.


The three ingredients you need are:

  • Circuit Board
  • Coins
  • Booze Bottle

Where to find the circuit board and coins?

Of those three, the circuit board is the hardest item to find because it's not found in suitcases or randomly scattered round the map. You venture into forest and find the front of the plane, which broke off during the crash landing. Inside the cockpit there's a circuit board that players can collect.

Coins are easier to find because they're always located in the cave where you wake up after being captured. I suggest using the torch (if you have it) and scouting the floor of the cave. Alternatively, competent players can explore the caves themselves without needing to be captured.



The bomb is crafted using the backpack which you open by pressing I. Follow these instructions:

  • 1. Press I
  • 2. Right click each of the ingredients; circuit board, coins and booze.
  • 3. Click the COG icon in the middle of the screen to complete the build
  • 4. Right click the bomb to add it to your inventory

What does the bomb do?

Like the Molotov, players can equip and throw the bomb a reasonable distance. It's a timed explosive that detonates after 3-4 seconds of hitting the ground.

The blast damage is significantly stronger than the Molotov and so far it's the only weapon that can kill the octopus/tentacle mutants.

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