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Crafting Guide - All Craftable Items

Crafting Guide - All Craftable Items
Posted by James on 17 May 2014

One of the key principles in The Forest is crafting. Without it, you won't be able to create new tools, weapons, traps or survive longer than a day or two. To help you understand the different things you can craft, I've drawn up a list, which I'll update as new versions of the game are released.

First some principles about crafting. Crafting is the process of using or combining one or more resources to create something better. For example, it might be combining a cigarette lighter with a hairspray can to create a flamethrower.

For basic items such as a Spear, crafting can be as simple as sharpening a stick on a rock. Advanced items need to be combined together using the backpack (UI). The backpack is the only way to combine several smaller items.

All of the items required for crafting can be found scattered around the island. You need to inspect dead bodies, search in lakes and explore underground. The plane wreck is the first place you should scavenge from.

The inventory system in The Forest is straightforward and so is the crafting system. Thanks to the games design, crafting is non-intrusive and quick.

The following items are crafted from the survival book, which is opened by pressing the B key.



Dead Fall Trap
Basic log with deadly spikes.
Requires: 6 sticks + 2 logs

Happy Birthday Trap
A spiked wooden fence trap.
Requires: 10 sticks + 6 rocks

Noose Trap
This trap requires woodland to mount the trap on a tree.
Requires: 3 sticks + 2 rocks + 5 string


Log Holder
Useful for storing excess wooden logs in one place.
Requires: 20 sticks



Basic Wall
Prevent smaller mutants and animals from trespassing on your land with wooden walls.
Requires: 4 logs

Defensive Wall
Stronger walls to keep larger mutants away from your shelter.
Requires: 6 logs

Wall with Door
Guaranteed protection, accessing only via the doorway.
Requires: 9 logs

Wall with Window
This wall comes with a small window so you can see outside from the inside. Useful for spotting mutants before they attack.
Requires: 6 logs + 4 sticks



Rabbit Cage
Store live rabbits and give them the chance to multiply, providing a renewable food source.
Requires: 6 sticks + 2 string

Small Garden
Requires: 5 logs



Simple Effigy
Requires: 4 sticks + 3 stones + 3 arms + 2 legs + 3 heads

Large Effigy
Scare away mutants with this large repellent.
Requires: 10 sticks + 6 stones + 9 arms + 4 legs + 9 heads

Other Craftable items

The following list shows all of the craftable items in the game and the resources needed to create each of them. These items are crafted using the Backpack, press I to open the Backpack inventory screen during the game:

Backpack inventory


Items Required: None, found near plane wreckage. Others can be crafted from stone + stick.

The Forest - Axe

Your primary tool for cutting down trees and collecting wood. Also a decent weapon against tribesmen.


Items required: circuit board + coins + booze


A timed explosive with intense damage. Read more about the Bomb.


Items Required: Foliage or Mud
Helps you hide from the cannibalistic mutants. Can also be used to conceal traps making them more effective. Simply walk into mud and you acquire the camouflage.


Items Required: Hairspray + Lighter
A powerful weapon for killing cannibals and mutants. You will find the hairspray can inside luggage in the plane wreck.

Flare (Fusee)

Items Required: None

The Forest - Flare

Like a torch, the red Flare (Fusee) helps you to see in caves and at night, but it also scares off roaming cannibals who are afraid of its burning light.


Items Required: None

The Forest - Flashlight

A handheld Flashlight, perfect for exploring at night or underground in caverns. Never leave your shelter without this tool. Batteries can be used to recharge the Flashlight and reduce the drain speed.

Molotov cocktail

Items Required: cloth + booze bottle

Molotov cocktail

An offensive weapon which can be thrown great distances. Read more about the Molotov cocktail

Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow

A lethal weapon which requires moderate archery skills to successfully kill animals or mutants. The Bow and Arrow items are crafted separately using a combination of sticks, cloth, rope and feathers. Read more about the Bow and Arrow.

Small Raft

Items Required: 10 sticks + 6 logs + 5 rope + 25 cloth

The Forest - Raft

The Raft can be used to get to the other islands. Without the raft you risk being eaten by sharks. Note: The first boat included in the game was the Simple Raft introduced in v0.02. It lacked a Sail but players could still ride the raft.


Items Required: Stick + Stone

The Forest - Spear

The Spear is a hunting tool required to catch fish, lizards and other animals. You craft the spear on a rock. Taking care of your stamina is essential and the spear provides a means to catch food, which you should later cook before eating it.

The Spear can also be use as a basic weapon against cannibals.


Items Required: Stick + Fire

The Forest - Fire

The Torch helps you see at night. It is crafted by bringing a stick to a fire.

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