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Ringed City - How to kill the second white angel

Ringed City - How to kill the second white angel

As if Dark Soul's 3 wasn't hard enough, the Ringed City DLC really is an exceptional attempt at a brutal difficulty level that even more hardcore Dark Soul's fans will find taxing. In this guide I'll show you exactly how to kill the annoying white angel that perks up top and unleashes a stream of deadly white light at you as you attempt to scurry to safety.

Without understanding the best escape route and the hidden pathway leading to the destruction of the white angel you can spend literally hours trying to master this section of the DLC. To successfully circumvent this section you will need a combination of luck, speed and skill but let's remove the unknown element and take you along the direct path to solving this one.

Simply follow the step by step instructions below and you should (hopefully) make your way to safety without a repeated number of deaths and certain frustration.

Step by Step

1. Enter the area

It's easy to tell that you're at the second white angel really. This beast appears briefly in the distance, flapping it's wings before perching high up on the cliffside. You're left with only a split second to scout the immediate area before a bombardment of white lazer blasts come lashing down - causing instant death in a matter of seconds.

If in any doubt, see the image above which shows the snowy area and the white engel in the distance.

2. Head to the first broken wooden bridge

First of all, head in a straight direction towards the angel. As you approach the end of the snowy area, almost underneath the angel, there is a wooden bridge section that you can hide underneath to protect from the lazer blasts.

3. Turn right and run

escaping from the angel - Brick wall area

Wait for the barrage to stop temporarily then turn roughly 100 degrees to your right. Sprint as fast as you can, rolling if necessary to avoid being killed. Head towards the structure on the right and vere around the back of the brick wall.

4. Drop down below and head for wooden hut

wooden hut

Drop down behind the wall and continue running down the hillside towards the wooden hut in the distance. This is your next safety area. Stand beside the wall and wait again for the angel's blasts to stop

5. Drop down to the vine ledge below

This is difficult part but also the most important. Circle around the wooden hut to the back side and drop down (a fair distance) to land on a vine pathway down below. This is a decent sized drop but it won't hurt.

6. Follow the vine pathway

mob summoning angel

Once you drop down onto the vine, turn to your right and follow the path onwards for a few seconds. Veer to the left and semi-circle round about 150 degrees to your left. Notice the slug mob in the distance, bending over slightly as he summons the angel (see image above).

7. Kill the enemy

Walk up to the cliff edge and kill the enemy who is lingering there. He has no defence to your attacks so simply swiping with your sword is the most efficient. Successfully killing this mob will also kill the angel which has been targeting you from above.

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