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Titanite Slab Locations

Titanite Slab Locations

Titanite Slabs are one of the highest quality (and rarest) upgrade materials in Dark Souls 3 which are required to upgrade weapons to the highest level (+10). The locations for Titanite Slabs varies and players will need to know the exact location to find some of them.

Please note: some spoilers below.

Considering the high value of Titanite Slabs you won't find any until mid to late game so don't expect to find any early in the game. However, make sure you do go out of your way to collect them if you want to build the strongest arsenal for your character.

Important: Every single weapon in the game requires a slab to fully upgrade it.

Unlike other items such as gems, there doesn't seem to be a direct farming method for collecting Titanite Slabs. Instead players should use the location guide below which shows you where to find several slabs on each play through. I believe that there are restrictions (limits) on how many slabs you can collect per play through.

To give you some idea where Titanite Slabs sit in the upgrade foodchain the list below shows all the Titanite materials and the upgrade effects from each:

  • Titanite Shard +4
  • Large Titanite Shard +6
  • Titanite Chunk +9
  • Titanite Slab +10

Titanite Slab Locations

Siegward's Quest - Dungeon

During the Siegward's questline you will save the Siegward in the Irithyl Dungeon. As a reward he will give you a slab.

Grand Archives - Bookshelf

Located in the Grand Archives behind a bookshelf. It's not a simple case of going to the bookshelf, you will need to dip your head in wax and then pull a lever later in the level to unlock it. The location of the lever is overlooking the bookshelf - once pulled you can watch it descend.

The actual slab is located directly across from the huge wax dipping station. There's a little thief hanging on a bookshelf next to the slab.

Angelic Knights

Gained by killing the three Angelic Knights before the Lorian and Lothric bossfight.

Lothric Elevator

Located by the elevator before the Lorian and Lothric bossfight. Players should note that there are two elevators - one goes up to the boss while the other takes you down to the slab.

Dragon Shrine area

Located by Havel the Rock and the large dead dragon in the dragon shrine area. You will find this area just after the third bonfire you come across.

Nameless King

Located after the Nameless King boss battle.

Crow merchant

Gained by trading the Bonfire Fragment (Infinite Homeward Bone) with the crow merchant. You will find the merchant near the nest of the Firelink Shrine. Don't worry about losing the fragment as this will carry over to your NG+.


Can be purchased from the Handmaiden after killing the Lorian and Lothric.

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