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Ringed City - "Show Your Humanity" Puzzle Solution

Ringed City -

This guide will help you solve the "Show your Hammity" riddle in the "The Ringed City" for Dark Souls 3. This riddle is fairly complicated so follow the steps below for a complete solution to this problem in the DS3 DLC.

Whilst exploring the streets of the Ringed City in Dark Souls 3 you will no doubt come across alot of hidden secrets, one of which is the "Show your Humanity" puzzle, located near the bonfire, not far from the swamp in the city.

To find it simply head up the stairs and go through the metal doors between the two suits of armour. Shown in the image below:

Metal door leading to ladder room

Turn to your immediate right and you'll see pieces of a broken statue on the ground and a strange engraving on the wall that reals "Show your Humanity". This is the riddle location and you must solve it in order to proceed through the secret passageway.

Secret ladder location

Now this puzzle means absolutely nothing in the Dark Souls lore and the solution is rather simple once you know the solution. Simply exit the bonfire area and go back towards the swamp area.

Open your inventory and use either a Chameleon spell or a White Branch spell, both of which will turn you into a Humanity. Note that sometimes this doesn't work straight away so ensure that you are far enough away from the bonfire for the riddle to reset correctly and register that you are now a ghost.

Inventory spells screen showing White Branch spell

Now that you're a white ghost, slowly drift back to the riddle area and face the wall where the engraving reads "Show your Humanity". A secret ladder should spawn in, allowing you to climb (the very long) wall upwards to a new section of the DLC area.

This secret area contains some additional secrets such as a statue where you can:

  • Request Absolution
  • Request Dissolution
  • Reinstate the Kings Decree

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