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Where to find Infusion Gems

Where to find Infusion Gems

Infusion Gems are incredibly useful items in Dark Souls 3 that help you to infuse gear to gain bonus traits. In this post I'll explain exactly where you can collect certain Gems including the Refined Gem, Lightning Gem, Blessed Gem, Raw Gem and many others.

Gems are actually considered an upgrade material in Dark Souls 3 which can be used to improve weapons, shields and armour. They help you upgrade your gear to create higher tiered versions which overtime will provide the most powerful gear in the game. Other upgrade materials such as Titanite will upgrade the weapons base to a certain higher level whereas Gems provide unique traits (e.g. HP regen) depending on the type of Gem which is used in the infusion process.

For example, the Lightning Gem can be used to infuse weapons to create Lightning Weapons. Similarly Blessed Gems can be used to create Blessed Weapons which grant HP regen and faith based physical damage scaling. As you can guess the name of the gem relates exactly to the type of weapon you create.


Coal is also an important item in the infusion process and without it you won't be able to infuse anything at all. There are several types of coal (listed below) which will help you unlock certain infusions:

  • Sage's Coal - enables crystal, blessed, and deep infusion
  • Farron Coal - allows the use of gems for heavy, sharp and poison infusion

Players should note that it's a slow process to farm gems in the game and the actual chance of finding them is very low. You can increase the chance of mobs dropping gems by increasing your character's stats towards a luck build (i.e. Mimic Head + Gold Ring + Respec character etc.).

List of gem locations

Ok here is the complete list of Gems and where to find them:

Refined Gem

  • Red-eyed Lothric knights - (Lothric Castle, etc). Good combination with Sunbro Medal farming.

Deep Gem

  • Red-eyed Decon priests - (Anor Londo, etc). Good combination with Darkmoon Proof of a Concord Kept farming.

Heavy Gem

  • "Shaman-goats" - (Farron Keep, etc). Good combination with Watchdogs Swordgrass farming.

Poison Gem

  • "Spear/Shield-goats" - (Farron Keep, etc). Good combination with Watchdogs Swordgrass farming.

Sharp Gem

  • Red-eye Skeletons - (Catacombs, etc). Good combination with Mound Maker vertebra shackle farming.

Hollow Gem

  • "Crow-People" - (Road of Sacrifice, etc).

Lightning Gem

  • "Snake-guys" - (Archdragon Peak, etc).

Raw Gem

  • Hollows - (High Wall of Lothric, etc) - this area is just after the tutorial, usually the mobs appear just outside the door under the 2nd bonfire, where the knight walks out.

Fire Gem

  • Pitfork Hollows - (Undead Settlement, etc)
  • Lava Slimes - (Demon Ruins, etc)

Blessed Gem

  • "Fat Pyro/Hex Hollow" - (Undead Settlement, etc)
  • "Holy Fat Blue Halberd Lothric Knight" - (High Wall of Lothric, etc)

Crystal Gem

  • Wax Clerics - (Grand Archives, etc)
  • Hollow Mages - (Crucifixion Woods, etc)

Shriving Stone

  • "Crow-People" - (Road of Sacrifice, etc)

Blood Gem

  • "Dagger-Hollows" - (Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, etc)

Simple Gem

  • Jailers - (Irithyll Dungeon, etc)

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