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All Bobblehead Locations

All Bobblehead Locations

Bobbleheads are collectible items in Fallout 4 that grant players an immediate and permanent boost to one of their SPECIAL's or skills. In this guide I'll show you exactly where to find all of the Bobbleheads in the game, with detailed locations and maps where possible.

Before we start, hopefully you know that there are 20 Bobbleheads in the game, each one related to a different SPECIAL tree e.g. Strength, or to a particular perk within a tree e.g. Lockpicking. All of the Bobbleheads have a value of 300.

Unlike Fallout 4, the Bobbleheads aren't limited to just giving you a SPECIAL point increase. There are figurines that will increase your energy weapon damage and others that will give you an additional chance when hacking a terminal. No matter which Bobblehead you collect, it's bound to come in handy in the wasteland.

Ok, enough of the overview let's dig straight into the locations:

Bobblehead Locations


Agility Bobblehead location

Agility is increased permanently by 1

Inside the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star. Go to the bow of the ship, check the very edge of the bow for a rickety wooden platform. This platform is located just past the deck huts.

The Wreck of the FMS Northern Star is in the south eastern corner of the map as shown on the Pip Boy image above.


Barter Bobblehead location

Prices are 5% better.

Longneck Lukowski's Cannery. Follow the catwalk upstairs and follow the circular route round. The Bobblehead is in the upper area of the main cannery room.

Longneck Lukowski's Cannery is located in the Coastal Commonwealth in the Northeastern area of the map.

Big Guns

Vault 95 location

Permanently gain 25% critical damage with heavy weapons.

Hidden inside Vault 95, this Bobblehead is located in the northernmost room which is protected by several Gunners (some legendary). Check the living quarters for a radio, the figurine is on top of it. I recommend you make the most of Quicksave and sprinting for this Bobblehead because Vault 95 is a tricky vault to survive.

Vault 95 is in the Glowing Sea, on the South Western side of the map. The image above shows the location of Vault 95 on the Pip boy map.


Charisma Bobblehead location

Charisma is permanently increased by 1.

Parsons State Insane Asylum. Find the administration area, in particular Jack Cabot's office. This is accessible by ascending to the second level, following the path round and then dropping down. Open up a couple of doors and you'll reach the quest marker location, which is also Cabot's office. Inside the office there's a desk which is close to the elevator - that's where you'll find the Charisma figurine.

The asylum location isn't accessible until you start the quest called "The secret of Cabot House" which is unlocked many hours into the game. You must first be Level 10 and have completed the side quest "Special Deliver" to remove the guards outside the asylum.


Endurance is permanently increased by 1.

Poseidon Energy. Find the central metal catwalk hut. Inside there's a desk with a magazine, near the steamer trunk.

Energy Weapons

Energy Weapons bobblehead location

Permanently gains 25% critical damage with energy weapons.

Fort Hagen. Go inside the Command Center and locate the southwest kitchens. The Bobblehead is on a small table between two fridges.


Explosive Bobblehead location

Permanently gain 15% extra explosive damage.

Saugus Ironworks. Located in the blast furnace area with the steamer trunk and magazine. Upon entering the furnace, walk to the back of the room and go up to the second floor platform via the catwalk. The Bobblehead is at eye level.


Intelligence Bobblehead location

Permanently increase Intelligence by 1.

Boston Public Library. Head to the northwest corner of the library, the Bobblehead is by the computer bank in the mechanical room.

You won't be able to access the room directly, so work your through the library and outside through the fountain area. Go through the small room and follow the path upstairs, eventually leading to a larger hall and the a door to the mechanical room (server room). The image above shows the hallway, with the room at the end leading to the Bobblehead room.


Lockpicking Bobblehead location

Lockpicking is much easier.

Pickman Gallery. Located exactly where you meet Pickman in the last tunnel chamber. It's on the ground between the brick pillars, near the burning fire in the trashcan (see image above).


Spectacle Island location

Luck increased by 1 permanently.

Spectacle Island. Locate the green boat which is moored just to the south of the island. Open the locker next to the steamer trunk to claim this figurine. Spectacle Island is in the south east corner of the map, as shown on the Pip Boy map image above.


Medicine Bobblehead location

Stimpacks heal 10% more health.

Vault 81. Locate the highly secret Vault 81 and go to the southeast corner. The Bobblehead is inside Curie's office. To gain access to Vault 81 you need to talk to Bobby and the doctor to start quest called "Hole in the wall".

There's a strange bug with this quest so if you find that it doesn't appear, make sure you talk to the doctor then completely leave the vault, skip forward 24 hours and come back again.

Curie is a robotic companion with a sexy voice, the Bobblehead is located next to the computer in the same room as the robot. It's also part of the quest so you won't have trouble finding the exact room.


Melee Bobblehead location

Gain 25% critical damage from melee weapons.

Trinity Tower. Climb to the very top of the tower and locate where Rex and Strong are being held in a cage. The Bobblehead is with them inside the cage. If you have a high enough lockpicking skill then you can open the cage directly otherwise the key is inside a steamer trunk nearby.

The Bobblehead is obscured behind one of the companions so either wait for him to move, or take a peek behind him on the desk for the figurine.


Perception Bobblehead location

Perception is permanently increased by 1.

Museum of Freedom. This is where Preston is hiding early in the game. You'll find the collectible on the metal desk in the room above the front doors.


Fusion cores last 10% longer.

Corvega Assembly Plant. One of the easiest Bobbleheads to find - it's located on the southwest roof section of the plant, check the very end of the gantry for this collectible.


Science Bobblehead location

Gain an extra guess when hacking terminals.

Malden Middle School (Vault 75). Although technically still a school, this is vault 75 in Fallout 4. This highly useful Bobblehead is located at Basement level 3, near the subterranean diner area. Look for a desk overlooking the diner area and you'll see the figurine.

Before you can enter the diner area you need the key card which is dropped by an enemy in the training simulator area. Look to the upper level and kill the enemy near the dummy targets.

Vault 75 is located in the North Central Commonwealth, in the north of the Malden town region.

Small Guns

Gain 25% critical damage when using ballistic weapons.

Gunners Plaza. Stay on the ground floor and head towards the western side of the building. Find the on-air room and this Bobblehead will be on the broadcast desk for easy collection.


Sneak bobblehead location

You are 10% harder to detect.

Dunwich Borers. Go to Area #4 (deep underground, look for foggy area) and look for the metal post terminal for this area. The collectible is on a small metal table by the lantern. It's very hard to see the bobblehead because it's so dark.

To find Dunwich Borers, head to the eastern side of the map, not far from the Asylum (shown on image above).


Speech bobblehead location

Vendors have 100 more caps for bartering.

Park Street Station (Vault 114). Another of the converted vaults, this station contains the Speech Bobblehead which helps with vendor purchases. In this location look for the Overseer's office where Nick Valentine is being held, it's upstairs through a locked door, that's where you'll find this collectible.


Strength Bobblehead location

Strength special increased by 1.

Mass Fusion Building. Go to the lobby desk (fifth floor) and look upwards for the metal wall sculpture (it's quite high up). The Bobblehead is on top of the sculpture. To access this Bobblehead it's best to climb to the floor above the sculpture, then climb on the couch and drop down to the sculpture and collect the figurine.


Atom Cats Garage location

Gain 25% critical damage when using unarmed attacks.

Atom Cats Garage. Inside the main warehouse look for the car with the rusty roof. The Bobblehead is on the hood of the car. The garage is located in the far south eastern side of the map (shown on the image above).

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