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How to Get Lorenzo’s Artifact (Telekinesis Unique Weapon)

How to Get Lorenzo’s Artifact (Telekinesis Unique Weapon)

A truly unique weapon, Lorenzo's Artifact is an epic Gamma Gun with a Telekinesis effect that flings enemies out of the way. Learn how to find this gun by reading the following guided walkthrough.

The key to obtaining Lorenzo's Artifact is to indulge in a little side quest called The Secret of Cabot House. There's also a couple of other nice rewards from this journey, including a Charisma Bobblehead and a Surgical Journal magazine inside Lorenzo's quarters.

The Secret of Cabot House

How to find the Parsons State Insane Asylum

The insane asylum was originally built by the Cabot family of Beacon Hill to house the terminally confused, weak of brain residents of the Commonwealth. The basement rooms were reserved for notoriously difficult guests.

Parsons State Insane Asylum is in the northern half of the Commonwealth (world map), it's close to the northern edge of the map and not too far from the Coastal region to it's Eastern side.

For a closer pinpoint: go Southwest from Lynn Woods, North East from Breakheart Banks, or North from the Slog.

Step by Step

The asylum is patrolled by guards and the front door is permanently locked. There's no way to explore inside the asylum without the active quest.

To trigger "The Secret of Cabot House" you must first go to Diamond City and speak to Edward Deegan who's located at the Dugout Inn. A brief conversation will reveal the name Jack Cabot and the quest becomes available.

Now approach the front door of the Asylum and talk to Jack. He informs you that Raiders have overrun the facility and he needs your help. Indeed there are many raiders inside the asylum so venture forth with Power Armour on your side.

The Secret of Cabot House - 1

Enter the asylum and stay close to Jack, following his every footstep whilst you clear out the Raider threat as you both move from room to room. Follow Jack upstairs and down and enter Jack's office.

Drop down through the fallen floor and fight your way through the cell block. Drop down once again through a cell hole and find the elevator that leads to the basement.

The Secret of Cabot House - Lorzenzo cell

As you approach the strange laboratory, it's clear that the raiders are trying to free Lorenzo, a crazy patient that's safely locked inside a Hannibal Lecter style cage. Fight off the raiders as Jack opens the main door, then manually override two of the generators.

Important Decision!

Lefty fight

At this stage you can either:

1. Keep Lorenzo locked up by flipping the other generators

The first decision to keep Lorenzo locked up will almost guarantee that you get Lorenzo's Artifact in addition to a 200 caps reward. You MUST also be polite to Jack during the quest in order to get the gun reward, choose polite dialogue options when Jack questions you about the outcome of the quest. The gun takes a week to be ready and Jack asks you to come back to the Asylum then.

If everything is done correctly, Jack will say:

"One more thing, I've done so much research on the artifact...I may be able to do something with it. come back and see me at Cabot Housein a week or so..."

2. Or, set Lorenzo free by opening the door

The second choice to free Lorenzo will upset Jack. Lorenzo makes off for Beacon Hill to settle an old score and you MUST inform the cabot family of the incoming guest and help them with the predicament. If you fail to inform and help the family, Jack will NOT give you the unique weapon.

Hopefully you'll make the right choice in time and can enjoy Lorenzo's Artifact after a short wait.


Lorenzo's Artifact in-game

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