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Syringer Rifle - Vault 81 Unique Weapon Walkthrough Guide

Syringer Rifle - Vault 81 Unique Weapon Walkthrough Guide

The Syringer Rifle is certainly a unique weapon, offering players the chance to craft and use injectable ammunition with a range of chemical effects. The weapon can paralyze, weaken and even poison targets, depending on the ammo used.

In this walkthrough guide I'll show you the exact path to claim this elusive weapon.

How to find Vault 81

Vault 81 map location

The critical key to this quest is actually finding Vault 81, one of Vault-Tec's additional safehouses. This vault is different to other vaults in the areal the people underground have become self-sufficient and avoid interacting with the outside world. This makes it tricky to get inside.

Once you reach the vault and gain entry, the quest "Vault 81" concludes and "Hole in the Wall" will commence shortly.

To reach Vault 81 you must explore the Western Commonwealth, which is due South of Vault 111 (your starting location in Fallout 4). Vault 81 is just East of The Fens (part of the southeastern Boston Neighborhood) and is sandwiched between Chestnut Hillock Reservoir and Forest Grove Marsh. Locate the Caravan Stop and you will be close by.

See the map image above for the exact location.

Expensive entry

Vault 81 overseer

Gaining entry to the vault is expensive. First try to activate the vault doors and you'll be radio contacted by Officer Edwards and Overseer McNamara. You have two choices, either:

  • Pay to enter (3 x Fusion Cores)
  • Or, convince them (Hard)

Note: The payment of 3 x Fusion Cores is a bit of con really so you should wait until you've built up your SPECIAL skills to unlock a higher level of Persuasion.

Hole in the Wall Quest - Step by Step

The Friendly Folks of Vault 81

Inside Vault 81

Now that you've gained entry to the Vault, use the elevator to go to the atrium. You'll be accompanied by Austin, a little boy who wants to give you a tour of the vault. Accept this tour without payment (Easy).

This is a Misc quest called "The Friendly Folks of Vault 81" but is essential to progress to the unique weapon later.

Commence the tour and talk to a number of different people:

  1. Calvin - the maintenance man
  2. Alexis and Holt Combes - they run the depot (trading).
  3. Horatio - a barber who can change your appearance.
  4. Maria - she runs the cafeteria (trading)
  5. Katy - a teacher (grab the magazine "Grognak the Barbarian" through another quest from her)
  6. Dr Penske - runs the hydroponics lab.
  7. Bobby and Tina Deluca - in the reactor area.

The dwellers will convince you to pay a visit to Dr Forsythe. Accept and give blood (Easy).

Hole in the Wall

Vault 81 secret door

Now for the important part of the process. Leave Vault 81, explore beyond the rock walls for a short while and then return later. This step is necessary to open up new dialogue and story choices.

As you re-enter the vault things are certainly different; people are worried about the little boy Austin. Visit the clinic to witness a brief discussion between the doctors, revealing a secret part of the vault.

Agee to help and follow Bobby to open the secret passage. Get your guns ready to fight off the Lab Molerats and make your way through the chamber to the Vault 81 Secure Access Terminal.

You can either:

  • Hack the terminal to unlock the door (Expert)
  • Or, locate the Holotape from the Lab Chamber to open the door

Curie in Vault 81

Push through to the final area clearing out all Molerates (important). From the inner laboratory you're greeted by the scientist called Curie. She's a sexy voiced robot that's also a possible companion.

Explain what you're here for and accept the item: Vault 81 Cure.

Important Decision!

Ride up the elevator with Curie and return to Dr Forsythe. Now choose to either:

  • Keep the cure
  • Or, hand over the cure

Make sure you choose to hand over the cure. You will lose 10 health points permanently but Austin will be healed and Dr Forsythe offers you the unique weapon - The Syringer Riifle!!

Syringer Rifle Stats

  • Injectable
  • Fire Rate: 2
  • Range: 83
  • Accuracy: 71
  • Wight: 5.2
  • Value: 124

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