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Final Judgement (Laser Gatling Gun) - Unique Weapon Walkthrough

Final Judgement (Laser Gatling Gun) - Unique Weapon Walkthrough

In this walkthrough I'll show you how to get hold of Final Judgement, a unique weapon that's a Gatling Laser at heart but comes with considerable improvements to both fire rate and reload speed. The Gatling Gun is one of the best heavy weapons in Fallout 4 thus making this modified version highly sort after.

Officially classed as an energy weapon, players will instantly appreciate this powerful, rapid-fire weapon that easily inflicts serious damage in a short amount of time. The unique version further increases that devastation by improving the fire rate by 25% and the reload speed by 15%.

Potential spoilers: Since this is an end-game weapon this guide does contain some spoilers via quest names and in some cases story events. There's no avoiding this if you want to know how to get this weapon. If you prefer your spoiler free world then please back out now!

Two Factions, Same Result

There are two distinct paths to claiming this unique weapon; one is through the Institute Quests and the other is through the Railroad quests.

It doesn't matter which Faction you choose, but choose wisely because the weapon is hidden deep within the questline. There will be no chance to backout and choose another Faction afterwards.

Railroad Faction

Railroad character

The Railroad Faction makes its presence known fairly early in the game. Although not as early as say the Minutemen, it's still long before the Institute.

How to join

There are four triggers that make the Railroad Faction available. You can pick any one:

  • Unlikely Valentine - during this main quest you can explore Part Street Station and follow the Freedom Trail.
  • Molecular Level - if you speak to Dr Amari during this main quest she mentions the Railroad.
  • Diamond City Market - if you overhear people in the market.
  • Goodneighbor - if you you overhear guards talking.


The following quests are all part of the Railroad Faction:

  1. Road to Freedom
  2. Tradecraft
  3. Underground Undercover
  4. Operation Ticonderoga
  5. Recipice of War
  6. Rockets Red Glare

There are two additional quests for this Faction but I have removed them to reduce spoilers. The important one to note is the final quest "Rockets Red Glare" - this is where you'll find the Final Judgement weapon.

Rockets Red Glare - Step by Step

You're going to sneak into the Brotherhood by flying the Vertibird to the flight deck. Deacon flies the bird whilst you man the mini-gun.

Upon boarding the ship you have two choices:

  • Sneak through the ship planting the three charges
  • Or, fight your way through the ship

Choosing the first option will help you survive and complete the mission, possibly fairly easily but at the cost of losing the Final Judgement weapon. This is therefore not an option if you want the unique weapon.

Option 2 would be to fight through the ship, taking on enemies and planting the charges at the same time. This is arguably one of the most intense and difficult fights in the game and the chances of survival depend on your skill, equipment and luck.

However, option 2 is the best choice to claim the unique weapon. You see, the critical part to obtaining the weapon is to root out and kill Elder Maxson. He will drop Final Judgment which you can pick up and claim for yourself.

Institute Faction

Institute character

The alternative route to the unique weapon is to join the Institute Faction. This is fairly simple so long as you've progressed through the entire main story. This means that you're more likely to have joined the Railroad first.


However, if you do side with the Institute then take note of the following quests:

  1. Synth Retention
  2. Battle for Bunker Hill
  3. Mankind Redefined
  4. Mass Fusion
  5. Pinned
  6. Powering Up
  7. End of the Line
  8. Airship Down

There is one quest absent from the list to reduce spoilers. The important quest is again the last one on the list, "Airship Down". It's during this quest that you can claim the Final Judgement weapon.

Airship Down - Step by Step

Seek out the Brotherhood of Steel and put a stop to their scheme.

Visit Dr Li to claim some experimental teleport beacons from Dr Rosalind Orman. These will help you call in Synths when the time is right. Now head off to Boston Airport which is close to the coast, just Southeast of Boston itself.

Your task is to destroy three generators that are heavily guarded by the Brotherhood. There's air support from Vertibirds, hampering your efforts. You'll need to go well equipped with missile launchers to take these overhead menaces down.

All generators can be destroyed with most weapons including bombs, missiles and gunfire.

The three generators are in these locations:

  • Far side of the Vertibird landing page.
  • Guarded by protectron and turrets on top of the control tower.
  • At one end of the skywalk leading to Liberty Prime.

As with the Railroad path, you're not here to sneak around. Your aim is not only destroy the generators but also to locate Elder Maxson. Only after he's killed can you claim the Final Judgement weapon from his corpse.

Finally, once the defences are down make your way to Liberty Prime and guard the synth that is trying to reprogram it. Once the synth has successfully hacked Prime, evacuate the area, hopefully with unique weapon in hand!

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