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Eddie’s Peace - Unique Weapon Walkthrough

Eddie’s Peace - Unique Weapon Walkthrough

Eddie's Peace is a .44 revolver that deals extra limb damage in combat. Players can earn this powerful unique weapon through one of Fallout 4's side quests called "Long Time Coming". In this tutorial I'll walk you through the steps needed to unlock the side quest and claim this weapon for yourself.

There's a good chance that you've already encountered Nick Valentine in Fallout 4; he becomes available after the fourth main quest: "Unlikely Valentine". The third main quest introduces us to the Valentine Detective agency in Diamond City, this location plays a crucial role in unlocking several of the Detective Case Files side quests.

Detective Case Files

The Disppearing Act - Earl Sterling's case files

There are three Detective Case Files in Fallout 4:

  1. The Disppearing Act
  2. The Gilded Grasshopper
  3. Long Time Coming

The first two Side Quests are unlocked through a series of triggers, explained below:

The Disappearing Act

This Side Quest is unlocked by talking to Ellie, the assistant in the detective agency. She mentions several unsolved case files. Following this trigger you can pick up Earl Sterling's case files (from the desk) to start The Disappearing Act quest.

The Gilded Grasshopper

The Grasshopper quest follows a similar pattern to the one above; you need to have talked to Ellie and then picked up Marty Bullfinch's Holotape. Completing this quest rewards you with another great weapon called Shem Drowne's Sword.

Long Time Coming

Long time coming

The third Detective quest called "Long Time Coming" is the one we're interested in. It's the only way to get Eddie's Peace.

How to start the quest

This quest has a number of different triggers, all of which must be met. I have listed them below:

  • Complete main quest: Unlikely Valentine (4th).
  • Complete main quest: Dangerous Minds (7th).
  • Complete side quest: The Disappearing Act.
  • Complete side quest: The Gilded Grasshopper.
  • Gain Nick as a companion.
  • Reach Admiration level of Affinity with Nick.
  • Nick talks about memory flashbacks of "Old Nick".

The quest starts as soon as Nick talks about recovering 10 Holotapes belonging to Eddie Winter.

Affinity Level with Nick

Achieving a high level of affinity is the hardest task to master and it will take some time to get to this level with Nick. Make sure you team up with Nick and engage in activities that he likes. These include:

  • Donating items to him
  • Hacking a computer
  • Healing Dogmeat

A notification should appear saying "Valentine loved that" if one of your actions was liked.

Try to avoid non-hostile murder and stealing, since these activities will negatively impact your companionship with Nick.

Step by Step

Map Location for Eddie's Winter's Bunker

Long Time Coming is a fairly simple find and fetch quest where players have to find 10 Holotapes and retrieve them. Accept the first Holotape from Nick then read the Eddie Winter case notes to reveal the Holotape locations on the world map.

The other tapes are found in the following locations:

  1. Badtfl Regional Office (Charleston Neighborhood)
  2. Malden Centre Police Station (North Commonwealth)
  3. Quincy Police Station
  4. Natick Police Department (Watch out for Deathclaw!)
  5. Nahant Sheriff's Department
  6. Boston Police Station
  7. South Boston Police Department
  8. Police Precinct 8
  9. Coast Guard Pier

Once you've acquired all of the Holotapes, hand them over to Nick who deciphers them to find Eddie Winters bunker. It's located near Andrew Station, deep underground in the sewers.

Follow the subway tunnels under Andrew Station then through to the sewers. Fight your way through Raiders under you reach a locked metal door. Use the code that Nick mentioned to get through the metal door which leads straight to Eddie.

Eddie's Peace weapon on the floor

Finally, finish off Eddie Winter in a tense firefight and claim Eddie's Peace from his dead corpse!!

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