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How to Get the Wazer Wifle (Unlimited Ammo Unique Weapon)

How to Get the Wazer Wifle (Unlimited Ammo Unique Weapon)

The Wazer Wifle is a unique weapon in Fallout 4 that's essentially a modified Laser Gun with unlimited ammo. This endgame weapon is arguably the best unique weapon in the game. In this post I'll show you exactly how to get this weapon for yourself.

First, before we start let me confirm that some quest names will appear below but I won't specify anything along the lines of a spoiler so you can still enjoy the Fallout 4 story. All I will provide are simple clues so you know which path to follow to claim this unique weapon.

Factions and Main Quests

Power Armour in street

The most important part to claiming the Wazer Wifle is to understand the main quest line and factions. Faction quests become available at different points in the game, sometimes after main quests are complete but at other times unlocked simply through exploring the landscape.

There are four factions in the game:

  • Institute
  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Railroad
  • Minutemen

Players can choose a faction to complete those faction related quests, some of which will affect the quests of other factions. It's a good idea to choose a faction and stick to it once you progress further into the quests. At a certain point you won't be able to back out of a faction.

How to get the Wazer Wifle

Now that we understand factions let's get down to the details.

In order to get the unique weapon you need to complete all of the main quests and all of the quests for one of the factions. So for example, you could complete the main quest then side with the Institute and complete their quests. It doesn't matter which faction you choose so long as you complete all the quests for that faction.

If you're not sure what quests are involved for each faction then skip to the end of this guide for a list.

Secret missions

Secret missions

After completing all of the quests for a particular faction, 3 secret missions will be unlocked automatically. Completing all three of these secret missions will reward you with the Wazer Wifle weapon.

I won't go into the details for these secret missions because the details would spoil the entire story; but needless to say completing them will give you arguably the best unique weapon in the game.

Faction Quest List

Possible spoiler Warning!

Here's a list of all the quests for each faction. It should give you a rough idea how many steps are involved for each faction. As you can see the Brotherhood of Steel faction has the most quests whereas the Railroad has the fewest.

Institute Quests

  1. Synth Retention
  2. Battle for Bunker Hill
  3. Mankind Redefined
  4. Mass Fusion
  5. Pinned
  6. Powering Up
  7. End of the Line
  8. Airship Down
  9. Nuclear Family

Brotherhood of Steel Quests

  1. Reveille
  2. Fire Support
  3. Call to Arms
  4. Semper Invicta
  5. Shadow of Steel
  6. Tour of Duty
  7. Show No Mercy
  8. From Within
  9. Outside the Wire
  10. Liberty Reprimed
  11. Blind Betrayal
  12. Tactical Thinking
  13. Spoils of War
  14. Ad Victoriam
  15. The Nuclear Option
  16. A New Dawn

Railroad Quests

  1. Road to Freedom
  2. Tradecraft
  3. Underground Undercover
  4. Operation Ticonderoga
  5. Recipice of War
  6. Rockets Red Glare
  7. The Nuclear Option
  8. Burning Cover

The Minutemen Quests

  1. When Freedom Calls
  2. Sanctuary
  3. The Sight
  4. Taking Indepence
  5. Old Guns
  6. Inside Job
  7. Form Ranks
  8. Defend the Castle
  9. The Nuclear Option
  10. With Our Powers Combined

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