Witcher 3 - Griffin Upgrade Diagram Locations (Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted)

Witcher 3 - Griffin Upgrade Diagram Locations (Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted)

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Following a similar pattern to the standard diagrams, the upgrade diagrams for Griffin weapons and armour are also hidden throughout the Witcher 3 map. In this post I'll uncover each of the secret locations to help you find the upgrade diagrams you're looking for.

In some cases the diagrams are just chests, buried inside ruins or underneath the undergrowth but as the rarity increases so does the difficulty. As you approach Superior and Mastercrafted diagrams you can certainly expect a fight to get them.

So before we start let's point out a few facts about upgrade diagrams to avoid some confusion…

  • Upgrade diagrams are simply upgrades, you must have the original Griffin gear already crafted before you can craft the upgrade.
  • Upgrade diagrams have level requirements as well. You must meet these before upgrades can be crafted.
  • The level requirements for upgrades increase with the type of upgrade. Enhanced upgrades have the lowest level requirement and Mastercrafted requires the highest level.

Ok, now that's out of the way let's go find the upgrade diagrams. The images and details below will help you find each of the diagrams. Pay attention to the yellow circles on the images below to find their exact location on the map.

Upgrade diagram locations


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Griffin Boots

enhanced Griffin Boots location

The Enhanced Griffin Boots are located in the north western area of Velen (No Man's Land). They're at the back of the ruins (north western side), not that far from the sea. The closest Sign Post on my map was Inn at the Crossroads (but there will be one much closer) and you could even collect these on your route to the Lighthouse in the Griffin Scavenger Hunt.

Threat: Level 18 Forktail.

Griffin Trousers

enhanced Griffin Trousers location

A simple and easy diagram to collect, located just behind the fort of Crow's Perch at a location called Burned Ruins. Search the ruins and you'll find the diagram hidden just inside the wreckage, no exploring required or monsters to fight for this one.

Threats: None.

Griffin Gauntlets

enhanced Griffin Gauntlets location

Located in the far south of Velen, within the ruins of Frischlow. Check the south of the ruins, not far from the path. Avoid venturing too far south or else you'll bump into a Noonwraith guarding treasure and further south lies a Gargoyle.

Threat: Multiple Level 16 wraiths.

Griffin Chest

enhanced Griffin Chest location

You might remember the abandoned Watch Tower at Hindhold from the previous Scavenger Hunt? Well it's to the east of this location that we're interested in here. The White Eagle Fort is encased in it's own little island to the north of Velen and not far to the east lies Oxenfurt.

Check the northern side of the White Eagle fort for the Griffin chest upgrade.

Threat: None (friendly Rock Troll).

Griffin Steel Sword

enhanced Steel Sword location

On the western side of Velen lies the upgrade diagram for the Giffin Steel Sword. The nearest sign post is for the Refugee Camp (to the north east) or Condyle (to the south east). In either case it's a short horse ride to the diagrams location. The only thing to watch out for here is the pirate bandit camp.

Threat: Low level bandits.

Griffin Silver Sword

enhanced Griffin silver sword

To the south east of Velen is Ancient Oak and Crossroads. It's to the east of Crossroads where you'll find the entrance to the Ghoul Cave, a simple dungeon that contains the Silver Sword diagram. Simply head into the cave and follow the singular route to the very end.

Threat: None.


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Griffin Armour Set

superior Griffin Armour Set

Venture to the far north eastern corner of the main Skellige Island and work round the side of the impassable mountain, towards the sea. You'll pass by the Sign Post called Giant's Toes and also directly through a pirate camp so expect a good fight to reach the loot!

Griffin Steel Sword

Superior Steel Sword location

Located on the same north eastern island as one of the scavenger hunts, this diagram can be picked up on the north western corner of the island. Main Sign Post is Urialla Harbor and should be marked on the map as soon as you arrive in Skellige.

There is also a harpy nest on the west of the island that you may want to explore in addition to two cave areas for additional treasure.

Threat: High level Bandits, Cyclops.

Griffin Silver Sword

Superior Silver Sword location

On the very southern tip of the main Skellige Island is Elverum Lighthouse. Plagued by flying beasts, to the south of this lighthouse is our point of interest, right on the shoreline. A dungeon burrow called the Peninsula Tomb contains the silver sword diagram.

After entering the cave, hug the left hand wall the entire time and work your way to the very end of the cave. The diagram is against the wall of the tomb at the farthest point from the dungeon entrance.

Threat: Level 16 Bear.


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Griffin Armour

mastercrafted Griffin Armour location

On the eastern side of the central Skellige Island lies the full mastercrafted Griffin Armour set. The nearest Sign Post is to the west called Gedyneith and there's another Sign Post and Harbor to the south called Redgill.

This armour set is located on the second level of the ruins which are guarded by a high level cyclops. He's one of the massive brutes in the game so simply run past and avoid any confrontation if you're a lower level. You'll also encounter many Harpy's leading up to the ruins but these are only about level 12.

Griffin Steel Sword

mastercrafted Steel Sword location

In the middle of the central Skellige island lies the mastercrafted upgrade for the Steel Sword. Nearest Sign Post is Boxholm which lies to the west of the large mountain range that separates the middle of the island. Walk towards the ruins to the north east of Boxholm and explore the edge of ruins.

Griffin Silver Sword

mastercrafted Silver Sword location

To the south west of the central Skellige island lies a location surrounded on two fronts by mountains and in the north by a dense forest. Here you will find a Nekker Mine on the eastern shore of the lake. Explore the ruins on the same shore to find the Silver Sword.

The closest Sign Post for this location is Fornhala or Sund but you won't know that until you're close enough. So start from Fyresdal (which you passed during the Scavenger Hunt) and work your way northwards round the mountain. Be extremely careful on your way through the forest because a Ekhidna is protecting the area.

Threat: Ekhidna and Level 32 Werewolf.