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Civilization 5 Demo

Civilization 5 Demo
Civilisation 5 (or Civilization V) is the latest turn-based strategy game in the Civilization series. The game boasts a new game engine supporting modding and multiplayer features.

Large screenshot for Civilization 5 Demo

Civilization is heralded by many as the greatest turn based strategy game of all time. Version 5 adds new ways to play and win, new tools to manage and expand your civilization. Developers have access to extensive modding capabilities making the game open to expansion.

In Civilization 5 you play to become ruler of the world by leading your civilization from the dawn of man into the space age. Along the way you will wage war, conduct diplomacy and discover new technologies. Also, you’ll go head to head with the greatest leaders along the way!!


New AI means that the computer thinks on 4 different levels; tactical AI controls units, operational AI oversees the war front, strategic AI influences the entire empire and the fourth AI sets long term goals.

You can build cities on 3 tiles instead of only 2. This essentially means the game evolves much faster as you can harvest resources, grow the population and generate research and wealth.

Hexagonal tiles force players to spread their armies out over a wider area. This recreates siege type battles and moves large numbers of armies from squatting in a single tile.

Two civilizations can now research together if they are at peace.

Social policies have been introduced. These allow players to use Tradition, Liberty, Hoor, Piety, Freedom, Rationalism and many others.

18 Civilizations to choose from including:

George Washington

Elizabeth I

Ramesses II

Napoleon I


Each civilization gets a unique unit, building and ability..these include:

Units: Minutemen, B17
Ability: Manifest Destiny

Units: Longbowman, Ship of the Line
Ability: Sun Never Sets


Price: $0
Size: 200MB
Released: 09/2010
Type: freewareCategory: Games

OS Support: Windows XP, Vista Windows 7
Keywords: demo

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