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The Swan - Custom Zombies Map for WaW

The Swan - Custom Zombies Map for WaW
Probably one of the most epic custom zombie maps ever made! The Swan was designed by HexZombies, a well-known map designer in the WaW modding community. The Swan map includes excellent additions such as Origins staffs, Avogadro and Napalm zombies.

The Swan - Custom Zombies Map for WaW

It's rare that a custom zombies map comes with so many features rolled into one. Usually you get a handful of ideas, some of which are based off Treyarch, but never do they get rolled into one complete map. The Swan is different. It combines a lot of the hard work from the modding community into one downloadable map for WaW. These include BLOPS 2 weapons and perk machines which obviously postdate the original WaW maps. Many of the best boss zombies including Avogadro and Napalm zombies make an appearance. There are also new traps and features such as blast doors and the sonar fence.

Custom Zombies The Swan - 1

It's the small details which really polish this map off. For example, the "no grenades" sign on the window of the underwater room, which if destroyed will flood the pack-a-punch room pushing you back up to the surface. Another example is the sonar fence, which acts as trap against zombies but also interferes with the players HUD, scrambling the screen. Some nice touches which make The Swan a truly professional zombie experience.

Custom Zombies The Swan - 3


Based on the hit TV series LOST, the map combines many of the best features from custom zombie maps:

  • Zombie counter so you know how many zombies are left on the current round
  • A lengthy Easter Egg puzzle to solve
  • Beautifully detailed environment above and below ground
  • Teleporters from WaW and Black Ops
  • Avogadro electric zombie from Black Ops 2
  • Napalm zombies from Black Ops
  • Ray Gun mark 2
  • Screamer zombies
  • Blast doors on lock-down room
  • Sonar fence trap
  • Electric cherry from Mob of the Dead
  • Hells Retriever - flaming tomahawk
  • Underwater pack-a-punch room

Custom Zombies The Swan - 2


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