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Custom Zombies Standoff Map for WaW

Custom Zombies Standoff Map for WaW
Another epic map from Triple M Games. Standoff is a dark and very intense survival map which will test your teamwork and zombie killing skills to the max. Many new features: class loadouts, upgraded weaponry and new tactical light grenades.

Custom Zombies Standoff Map for WaW

When it comes to custom maps there are those who replicate existing Treyarch maps and then others who go their own way to create something unique. Standoff is the latter of the two and it's a really great addition to the community.

Many new features

Quizz over at Triple M Games spent a lot of time adding new features to the map. These include the Titus shotgun from BLOPS2 with insane firepower, new grenades/dynamite with high explosive damage and time dependent doors which force you to fend off the zombies that little bit longer.

Class loadouts are a great little addition too. With 8 different preset loadouts, each one comes with 3 guns, equipment, two types of grenade and a light source. The standard pistol (five seven) regenerates every round reducing the need to knife, which isn't a bad thing either.

Class Loadouts

  • Marksman
  • CQB
  • Support
  • Shotgunner
  • Scout
  • Speaclist
  • Flareman
  • Rifleman

To help balance the game, the weapon box and PaP have been removed. There's also no wall ammo or weapons. Players must use their tactical light grenades carefully to illuminate the map at key positions while they rack up points to move onto the next area. Without skilful use of these light sources, players will struggle to survive in the pitch black environment.

Sounds tricky but it's a hell of a lot of fun!


Standoff - Custom Zombies Map Screenshot 1

Standoff - Custom Zombies Map Screenshot 2

Standoff - Custom Zombies Map Screenshot 3

It's difficult!

Strongly recommend playing this map with a friend, or two because it's very difficult. Tight corridors and expensive doors means you're going to have to hold off the zombies long enough to rack up the points. The spawn rate is insane in the early rounds which makes it an instant starter and a great fight!



  • Intense spawn rate even on round 1
  • Titus-6 Shotgun (explosive flechetta)
  • Countdown timers for opening doors
  • Dynamite (grenade slot)
  • Tactical light grenades to illuminate the map
  • Max ammo refills your weapon clip, no reload required
  • Change class every round if you want
  • Cheaper doors, slower spawn rare on solo mode
  • No random box or crappy wall weapons
  • Dogs drop perk slots
  • 2 secret Easter eggs and ending


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