Mortal Kombat 11 - Complete Krypt Walkthrough Guide

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Welcome to the complete Krypt guide for Mortal Kombat 11. This walkthrough provides detailed instructions and maps for the entire Krypt including important locations, doors, items, pathways and much more. Use this guide to save time, avoid getting stuck and above all else - reduce frustration!

Before we start it's worth noting that the MK11 Krypt is a massive time sink/RnG lootbox arena where players can explore the Shang Tsung Island in search of rewards such as skins, augments, fatalities, brutalities and other artwork such as banners, icons and backgrounds. Although not as intense as the other modes, it's a fun distraction between fights.

Krypt Guide

Exploring the Island

Krypt third person view

Unlike MKX, the MK11 Krypt is presented in third person perspective. You can freely roam around the entire island (provided the doors and gates are unlocked) just like you can in God of War. Shang Tsung will frequently introduce new areas to you as they're discovered and he even makes a point of highlighting most of the Key Items so you don't miss them.

Players must use a combination of Key Items, Gongs, Levers and Puzzles to open new areas of the Krypt. For example, Key Items are typically used to open locked gates (e.g. skeleton keys), whilst Gong's will automatically open barriers when bashed with the hammer. Other levers will activate elevators that go lower or higher depending where you are, whilst solving puzzles will also open secret areas.

Although it appears there's no sprint option in the Krypt there actually is! Hold R2/RT to sprint and use the available elevators to move between the various levels of the Krypt. It's worth keeping the maps below handy or using mental notes for certain gates in the game that require Key Items. There's no save option in the Krypt, it's automatic, backing out and returning should send you back to the last location.

The MK11 Krypt is Mostly RnG

Reward example

This is one of the most talked about parts of the MK11 Krypt. Compared to MKX, the new Krypt is hugely dependent on RnG for your rewards. Regular Koin chests will return rewards that are completely random, with a weighting towards the cost of the chest e.g. more expensive chests have a better chance of issuing better rewards. With this in mind, regular chests will not dish out the same rewards for all players and it's therefore impossible to share coordinates and expect the same rewards.

Update: Some regular Koin chests do have fixed locations for Key Items. See steps below to find these.

There are three other types of chest in the Krypt:

  • Soul Spires (Green Soul Chests)
  • Heart Chests
  • Fire Chests

These chests do not appear to have rerollable RnG rewards but instead offer a far greater chance at the games best loot. This is mostly because the currencies (Soul Fragments and Hearts) to open these chests are extremely time consuming to obtain. Indeed, Heart chests offer the Krypts best rewards.

Players can refill regular Koin chests in the Krypt using the new Kronika Time Vault machine, which is conveniently located at the start of each new level. Using the Vault, simply spend coins to refill the desired number of chests in the area, allowing you to spend further coins to reopen the chests again. Put simply, spend coins to respin the RnG wheel.

Key Items

Character Key Items

There are many Key Items to obtain in the Krypt, in addition to the character specific ones such as Scorpion's Spear, Kenshi's Blindfold etc. For example, we also have gems such as the Gem of the Living, Heart of the One Being and other artifacts such as Cracked Horn of Motaro which are essential for opening inaccessible areas. For the most part, these collectible Key Items can depend on RnG but some are found in fixed locations and some are even outside the Krypt!

See the additional guide for exact locations for each of the Key Items.

Multiple Currencies

Currency rewards

As mentioned briefly above, there are three currencies in the Krypt:

  • Koins
  • Soul Fragments
  • Hearts

Each of the three currencies are required to open their specific chest types. Regular chests require the familiar Koins currency which is extremely abundant in the game. Soul Fragments are required to open the green glowing chests and Hearts are used to open the chests with the red glowing head on top of them or fire head on the front.

See the additional guides for:


This guide wouldn't be complete without a few maps of the Krypt so let's kick things off with the starting area (above ground section).

Starting Area

Krypt map - starting area

This map contains sections for: Palace Entrance, Goro's Entrance, Courtyard, Lower Courtyard, Shrine, Warrior Shrine, Pit Bridge etc.

Important points to note are the Cracked Horn of Motaro (Key Item) which is found in the Vault and Ermac's Key Item which is found in the Pit (accessible via elevator later on). Also take note of the Shrine and the Forge, the former is used to spend Koins in a lucky dip for rewards whilst the latter provides the option to craft new things from Forge materials. The pathway to the next underground level is through Goro's door.

Goro's Lair

Krypt map - Goro's Lair

The first underground section is a vast labyrinth of tunnels and small rooms that make up Goro's home. Areas include: Torture Halls, Armory, Jails, Throne Room etc.

There are several Key Items down here including Scorpion's Spear, Kenshi's Blindfold, Ermac's Amulet and various gems. The Kollector NPC is also found hidden in the Lair but he only appears at certain times and for a limited duration.


The steps below provide a quick and simple walkthrough to open all the major areas of the Krypt. I won't cover the smaller rooms unless they contain important items - you can explore these at your leisure once you find Skeleton Keys.

  1. Open the two chests to proceed out of the starting room.
  2. Pick up the Hammer Key Item from the table straight in front of you and smash through the wall in front that leads to the Courtyard and the fake wall to the right that leads to the Dead Woods.
  3. Go outside to the Courtyard, work your way round to the left and past the Kronika Time Vault machine. Smash the wall nearby (990,3849) to open an entrance to a smaller area with a gong.
  4. Hit the gong with the hammer to open a new pathway leading to the Forge and Bridge.
  5. Work your way round to the right and towards the Shrine (-3573,-6976). Pay 1000 Koins in exchange for either the Kronica's Amulet or Gem of the Living.
  6. Head towards the entrance of Goro's Lair and a meteor will come crashing down from above.
  7. Smash the meteor with the hammer to collect either Kronica's Amulet or Gem of the Living.
  8. For the next step you will need the Amulet of Earthrealm's protector which is a reward from the Towers of Time tutorial. If you haven't completed the Towers of Time tutorial yet then exit the Krypt and return afterwards.
  9. Interact with the Raiden statue (958,-6801) that smashed when the meteor came down. Pick up the Thunder God's Shattered Staff (Raiden's Staff Key Item).
  10. Head down the stairs to the left of Goro's entrance to the platform below. There is a gong here. Hit it with the hammer to open a pathway back to the starting area.
  11. Now head towards the Dragon Puzzle (-5178,-7681) on the wall (see map for reference). To solve this puzzle, simply pull the right lever once and left lever once to align the plates. If done correctly a secret entrance will open that leads to the Cavern and onto the Wooden Bridge.
  12. Return to the area where you hit the first gong and open the locked door (1562,5268) using the Gem of the Living.
  13. Explore this new area until you reach the Vault. Use the levers to open the right hand room and pick up the Cracked Horn of Motaro (Key Item) from the pedestal.
  14. Return to Goro's Entrance and use the Key Item to open the door.
  15. Head down into Goro's Lair and explore onwards, taking the right hand pathway first which eventually leads to The Jails and Kenshi's Blindfold (Key Item). See map above for location.
  16. Using the Blindfold, check for the hidden wall out of the room, smash it whilst wearing the Blindfold to escape.
  17. Backtrack now to take the other tunnel that leads to the Armory, where Scorpion's Spear is located. The spear is next to one of the pillars and is glowing with fire. Coordinates are: -7057, -5242. It can be hard to spot but use the map above for reference as to which room it's in.
  18. Now that you have the Spear, you can go back to the Wooden Bridge (that you opened after completing the Dragon Puzzle) for some more chests but you might want to save this for later.
  19. There's one final character Key Item we need to get while we're down here - Ermac's Amulet. Follow the narrow pathway that leads away from Goro's Dining Hall (pull metal chains to open) and take the elevator up to the Lower Pit (see map for route).
  20. Once there, Ermac will dramatically fall from the pit and become impaled on the spikes below. Inspect his body to recover Ermac's Amulet (Key Item).
  21. By now you might have collected over 2000 Soul Fragments and might be tempted to repair the bridge across the Pit? Forget about this unless you only want a new Heart chest to explore.
  22. Now return to Goro's Lair, head to Goro's Dining room and use a Skeleton Key on the metal door at coordinates: 1196, 3467.
  23. Dodge the swinging axe traps and head to the Torture Halls area, open the metal gate using a Skeleton Key at coordinates 2792, 6447.
  24. Use Kenshi's Blindfold to see the secret wall in this cell and smash through it with the hammer. Once inside, locate Reptile's statue and interact to cause a small cutscene and Reptile will run away
  25. Return to the Torture Halls underground, head straight passed the cell where you encountered Reptile and take the left pathway towards a door at coordinates: 5233, 4884. Using Raiden's Staff item (Thunder God's Shattered Staff), open the locked door leading to a room full of fire.
  26. There are many swinging traps in here but we're only interested in one chest for now. Cross the platform, and take the left platform. Open the 20,000 Koin chest (7453, 3189) to collect the Dragon Amulet.
  27. For the next step we must leave the Krypt temporarily. Play Tower mode and perform 10 x Fatalities, 10 x Brutalities, 10 x Mercies (by holding LT/RT and pressing down three times when Finish Him text appears, do not block the entire match). Each of these milestones will reward: Mind of the One Being, Soul of the One Being, Heart of the One Being.
  28. Return to the Krypt and Goro's Lair underground. Near the elevator and the first room is a locked door (3540, -6174) on the right that requires three gems to open. Use the Mind of the One Being, Soul of the One Being, Heart of the One Being to open this door. It leads to a chest that costs 80,000 Koins to open.
  29. Open the 80,000 Koin chest to collect the Heart of Blaze (Key Item), you will need this for a puzzle.
  30. This step is optional at this stage but well worth doing. Return above ground, go to The Sacrifice area (-781, -13554). Pull the puzzle lever and place the Heart of Blaze item in the cage. Pull lever again and then harpoon cage with Spear. The reward is hundreds of Soul Fragments.
  31. Now go to the Mountain Pass near the Forge. Use the Dragon Amulet to open the locked door (-5142, -2234).
  32. Pull the chain on the left to open the extra room then head down the wooden stairs to the Kytinn Hive area. Using the levers, rotate the Hive puzzle until the three empty slots appear, interact to place the required Key Items in the empty slots. The three items you require are: Kronikas Amulet, Shinnok's Amulet and Cetrion's Amulet.
  33. You will already have Kronika's Amulet from the early steps of the walkthrough but to get Shinnok's Amulet you must use the Forge. The recipe for the Amulet of Shinnok is: Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart, Encorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls (green diamond with a skull) and Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon. Let's get these ingredients now.
  34. Return to the Dead Woods when ready and open the 10,000 Soul chest in the trees. This will give you the Encorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls. If you're having trouble getting 10K Souls, try playing Tower mode with the CPU playing for and use Konsumables that multiply rewards.
  35. The other two ingredients, Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart and Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon, come from a random reward and killing spiders respectively.
  36. When ready, return to the Forge and craft Shinnok's Amulet by spending 1500 Souls and 60,000 Koins.
  37. The final part of the Hive puzzle requires Cetrion's Amulet. This one is time consuming to get. Return to Tower Mode (Klassic or Towers of Time) and perform 50 x fatalities on Cetrion. This gives you a head, return to the Krypt and place the head on the Warrior's Shrine, outside of Goro's entrance (opposite where you interacted with Raiden's statue.
  38. Now return to the Hive puzzle and place the three items you acquired in the previous steps. A new doorway will open leading deeper into the Hive area.
  39. Now that you're familiar with the Severed Head reward for 50 fatalities, you can work towards collecting all 25 character heads by performing 50 fatalities on each of them. Successfully placing all 25 heads on the Warrior Shrine spikes will open the secret Shang Tsung Throne Room and two Treasure Cache rooms. The individual Head rewards are fantastic by themselves but with access to these secret areas there are additional chest rewards to collect that include character Intro's and Victories.

More walkthrough steps are coming very soon...

How The Forge Works

Krypt Forge

The Forge is a place to craft new items from raw ingredients (crafting materials). As you collect rewards from chests you'll find that Forge materials will frequently drop. They are useless on their own but can be combined in the Forge for something much greater.

However, although the Forge is accessible early in the Krypt's lifespan it's completely useless without knowing Forge recipes. These recipes are collectibles too and they drop from chests or the shrine. First find the recipes, then attempt to craft new items later. If you attempt to craft things without knowing the recipe then you'll receive the "failed" message.

Forge Recipes

There are over 20+ Forge recipes, most are unimportant for now but one particular recipe is required to solve the Kytinn Hive puzzle, this item is known as the Amulet of Shinnok.

  • Amulet of Shinnok – Enscrolled Demon’s Heart, Encorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls and Encorcelled Eye of a Dragon.
  • Ethereal Armor – Copper Plating, Element of Order, Essense of Edenian Magic.
  • Kuai Liang’s Frosty Arsenal – Copper Plating, Kytinn Spittle, ??.
  • Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana – Copper Plating, Essense of Edenian Magic, Element of Order.
  • Shackle of Sin – ?? (green mask), Stabilized Chaos, (?)
  • Shadow Ops No-Serial Pistol – (brass revolver), Copper Plating, ??.


  • Keep your eyes peeled for the metal chains next to doors/gates in Goro's Lair. These are required to open new pathways and are very hard to see and easy to miss.
  • Watch out for the spiders in the Kytinn Hive area, they will burn you so quickly smash them with the hammer or harpoon with the spear if they're on the walls.
  • Save as many Soul Fragments and Hearts as you can before entering the Krypt.
  • Avoid spending Soul Fragments early in the Krypt because there are some very expensive Soul doors and chests e.g repairing the Pit Bridge and 10K Soul chest in Dead Woods.
  • Key Items can drop from regular chests so make some time to open the cheaper chests on your travels.
  • Use Scorpion's Spear to frequently pull down hanging bodies and receive Hearts as a reward.
  • Hold R2/RT to sprint quickly and avoid the fire and swinging traps in Goro's Lair.
  • The contents of Heart chests is NOT random so check my additional guide to see what skins are inside each chest.

This guide will be updated with revisions in the coming days after the launch of MK11.