Mortal Kombat 11 - Krypt Skins Guide

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The Krypt returns once again in Mortal Kombat 11 along with its familiar puzzles, chests, jump scares and unlockable items. The Krypt is the best place to unlock new rewards by opening chests in return for skins, augments, konsumables and other items.

Update: After extensive testing in the Krypt, I have concluded that Koin and Soul chests offer random rewards but Heart chests have fixed locations and high level character specific rewards. Therefore, I strongly recommend you view the list of Heart chest locations further down this guide.

This guide covers the various skins (costumes) you can unlock in the Krypt, explaining the different kinds of chests and how to unlock rewards. There are some big changes in MK11 from the previous games, not only in the change to a third person view but also in the way rewards are dished out.

Every character in MK11 has several unlockable skins with some really great variations for Kitana, Liu King, Scorpion, Sub Zero and practically every character on the roster. Preorder Shao Khan and unlockable Frost are also no exception, each with their own alternate skins.

Three new currencies

MK11 <br/>Krypt currencies

In MK11 there are three currencies to spend in the Krypt:

  • Coins (Koins)
  • Soul Fragments
  • Hearts

Each currency is used to open currency specific chests. Soul Fragments and Hearts are the most important for unlocking high level specific skins because they tied to one time only chests that cannot be refilled.

Chests and character specific RnG rewards

The Krypt offers regular RnG rewards via coin chests which can be opened with an adequate supply of coins. Coins are earned through some areas of the Krypt but mostly from regular gameplay outside the Krypt.

If you ever played MKX you might remember that certain character skins were Krypt exclusives i.e you couldn't unlock them anywhere else. However, one of the most noticeable changes in MK11 that makes it different to previous games is the option to refill chests by using the Kronika Time Vault. This Time Vault deducts coins from your inventory and gives you the chance to reroll a chest for a new reward - similar to loot boxes in other games.

For this reason alone, regular coin chests in the MK11 Krypt are no longer reliable for exact rewards. If I gave you the exact map location and coordinates for a chest skin that I found, I couldn't guarantee that you'll find exactly the same skin from that coin chest.

The good news is that coin chests appear to be character specific. So for example the chests in The Pit area give Johnny Cage, Kabal and Noob rewards. You can reliably refill these chests using the Time Vault and reroll for more Johnny Cage, Kabal and Noob rewards, thus homing in on the character skin you want to unlock.

Soul Vault locations and rewards

Soul Vault example

Unlike regular chests, Soul Vaults are one time only chests with a specific reward. There are fewer soul chests in the Krypt compared to regular chests but that's not saying much. To open Soul Vaults you need Soul Fragments, one of the three currencies used in MK11.

Using a combination of Soul Fragments and Ermacs Amulet you can unlock Soul Vaults, in addition to unblocking areas of the Krypt. See the Key Items guide for details on obtaining Ermac’s item.

Since these appear to be one time only chests we could (hopefully) share their coordinates for you to gather the same rewards. However, if souls turn out to be RnG based then this experiment fails. Time will tell.

Soul Fragments come from regular gameplay but also rewards from completing puzzles and opening new areas of the Krypt.

Soul Vault locations and rewards:

After testing whether Soul chests offer the same rewards across PSN accounts it looks like they don't. Therefore, I won't be posting the full list of Soul locations. However, the good news is that Heart chests have fixed character rewards so check the section below.

Heart chest locations and rewards

Heart chest reward

Similar to Soul chests, Heart chests are opened with their unique Heart currency and are one time only chests. Hearts can be earned by using Scorpions spear to pull down dead bodies hanging above the Krypt, performing fatalities and brutalities, and also from regular Tower rewards.

Hearts are really slow to earn in MK11. It takes many hours to even reach the 250 mark which is the common requirement to open a single Heart chest.

There are various Elder (purple) skins that are unlocked through specific Heart chests - locations and coordinates shown below. Every Heart chest in MK11 is character specific, you will always find character related rewards, one of which is always a skin.

I will order the list by character to make it easier to find the skin you're after:


Possible Elder skins: Bone Krusher, Dead Pool Despoile, Violet Vandal, Ghost Warrior and Battle Bound Kombatant.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Gardens (5605, 5198).
Skin rewards: Dead Pool Despoiler (Elder).


Possible Elder skins: Autumn Rain, Carnelian, Heaven's Gate, Iron Will and Arboreal.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Courtyard, must use Kenshi's Blindfold to see the four chains and pull them to open locked gate (-1362, -9679).


Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Kytinn Hive, accessible after opening the Skeleton Key door in Goro's Dining Room. (5204, 1185)
Skin rewards: Inner Sight (Elder).

Erron Black

Possible Elder skins: Buttoned Up, Buckskin and Ruckus.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Wooden Bridge, must solve Dragon puzzle to open (-1055, -7033)
Skin rewards: Ruckus (Elder).


Possible Elder skins: Kamouflage, Silver Fog, Frozen Futurist, Time Warrior and Cold Evolution.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Lower Courtyard (-7548, -5523).


Possible Elder skins: Apotheosis, Inextirpable Spirit, Cosmic Inflation, Curious Antiquarian, Perfect Specimen, Time Traveler, Historicity, Steward of the Keep and Miocene.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: The Jails in Goro’s Lair (-7744, -13983).

Jacqui Briggs

Possible Elder skins: Lay Waste, Bang-Bang, In Country, Tour Duty, BOLO, Frame Dragging and Time's Arrow.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Dead Woods, near the body parts puzzle.


Possible Elder skins: Black Jade, Eidolon, Woodswoman, New Emerald, Steadfast Sister and Olivine.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Goro's Lair (-3013, -5917).
Skin rewards: Proper Attire (Motal).

Heart Chest #2 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: The Dead Woods (3463, -1132).


Possible Elder skins: Uncomfortable Ally, Enduring Freedom, Overwatcher, Unrivaled Valor, Down Range and Honorable Soldier.

Heart Chest #1 (100 Hearts)
Coordinates: The Dead Woods (7173, -3808).
Skin rewards: Uncomfortable Ally (Elder).

Heart Chest #2 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Courtyard (-27, 3833).
Skin rewards: Fast Mover (Elder).

Johnny Cage

Possible Elder skins: Dad Bod, Courtside, Marine Idol, Silverlake, Hollywood Hunk and Heartthrob.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: The Dojo (3076, -4092).


Possible Elder skins: Lightning Fast, Tornado Cut, Underdone, Inerpositive, Dragon Swordsman, Killer Khaki, Cut Above,

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Pit Bridge, requires 2000 Souls to repair (-8640, -6391).


Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: Goro's Lair, in the room where Kollector appears (5421, -1443).
Skin rewards: Bootleg (Elder).


Possible Elder skins: Spanish Prisoner, Nasty Bloke, Bag Man, Pretty In Ink and Down Under.

Heart Chest #1 (250 Hearts)
Coordinates: The Dojo (3076, -4092).

Heart Chest #2 (100 Hearts)
Coordinates: Goro's Lair (2633, -8227).
Skin rewards: On the Bottle.


Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Lower Pit (-7471, -976).
Skin rewards: Daughter of Hell (Elder).

Kung Lao

Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Goro's Throne Room, to the left of his body (-1544, -3413).

Liu Kang

Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Kytinn Hive, must open the Dragon Amulet door to get there (-5488, -1831).
Skin rewards: Streets of Fire (Elder).

Noob Saibot

Possible Elder skins: Great Bi-Han's Ghost, Dying Light, Ghastly Killer and Vision of Hell.

Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Small enclosed room only inaccessible via Goro's Lair elevator (-6753, 2620).

Heart Chest #2
Coordinates: Goro's Lair, Dining Room (-3464,-2183).
Skin rewards: Great Bi-Han's Ghost (Elder).


Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Fortress, room full of lava opened with Raiden's key item (13228, 4966).
Skin rewards: Lightning Tempest.


Possible Elder skins: Trial by Fire, Forest Kamoflage, Open Flame and Hell to Pay.

Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Lower Pit (-8914,-3352).
Skin rewards: Forest Kamoflage (Elder).


Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Chamber of Suffering (-5207, 4917).


Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Vault (5084, 1617).
Skin rewards: Army Brat.


Heart Chest #1
Coordinates: Armoury (-5424, -5802).
Skin rewards: White Stalker (Elder).

More locations coming soon...

Skins from the Kollector

Kollector inventory example showing skins

One finaly point to make in this guide is that the Kollector character sometimes appears in the Krypt. Behaving much like the Xur character from Bungie's Destiny, the Kollector has a limited inventory of items to trade. Such items can include character skins.

See the additional guide on Kollector Trade Items and further details about the Kollector.

In my first experience with the Kollector, he appeared in Goro's Lair (in the room where Kung Lao's hat is). The following skins were available to trade:

  • D'Vorah Skin "This One" in return for Contained Dead Pool Acid
  • Kung Lao Skin "No Quarter" in return for Courtyard Guard's Mask

Of course these are just examples from my game but it's safe to assume that his inventory rotates on a regular basis, giving you another way to collect the skins you're after.