MK11 - New Cetrion and The Kollector Characters Revealed

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A massive leak from a well known Reddit user (who previously leaked MKX characters) has revealed the entire roster for MK11 including the names of two new characters: Cetrion and The Kollector. In this post you'll find details on both of the new characters coming to the game.

We now know that MK11 has a total of 24 characters on the base roster, 3 of which are new additions. A large number of characters are returning from MKX including Erron Black, Jacqui and D'Vorah and many of the games classics including Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sony Blade, Kano, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are all returning.

For the purpose of this post, let's take a moment to focus on Cetrion and The Kollector to speculate on their inclusion. This page will be updated with actual details (possibly video links) when they're officially announced by Netherrealm. For now we only have a low quality roster image to speculate on.

Update #1: The official Story Mode trailer has been released early, giving us some better footage of the new characters.

The Kollector

The Kollector - HD image
High quality image of The Kollector

Update: The official story trailer has gone live and there's a first glimpse of The Kollector at 37 seconds. The guys got some creepy arms coming out from his back!

Previously leaked back in early January, but as a character codename at the time, the Kollector is in fact one of the new characters introduced in Mortal Kombat 11.

The leaked roster image shows Kollector as a blue mutant creature that appears on the far right on the selection screen, besides Raiden and below Kotal Khan. He's wearing a cloak and a dark hood that covers the majority of his head.

Fans have speculated that The Kollector, like Erron Black, is one off Kotal Khans most potent warriors, whilst others have said that The Kollector is more like D-Vorah, controlling mutant like creatures with his god like powers.

With only a name and an image to go on, it would be unwise to speculate on the The Kollector's abilities at this time.

The Kollector
Original leaked roster icon



The leaked placeholder for Cetrion confirms that she's an additional female character in MK11, joining the likes of Kitana, Skarlet, Sonya, Jacqui, Cassie and D-Vorah.

Cetrion has a blue elvish appearance, noticeable by what appears to be green leaves and vines around her shoulders. Given the previous inclusion of the master archer Kung Jin in MKX, Cetrion could behave in a similar manner, using elvish arrow projectiles as a primary attack mechanism.

However, die hard fans have speculated that Cetrion is in fact monstrous, having a water creature like shape with god like powers - a mix of Poisen Ivy and Aquaman would be more appropriate.

For reference, Cetrion appears at the very top of the roster to the right of Jacqui Briggs and above Frost.

Stay tuned for more MK11 details as they're announced.