Mortal Kombat 11 - How to Open Gold Locked Gates in Krypt

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One of the most frequently asked questions about the new MK11 Krypt is how to open those annoying gold metal gates. There are many of these locked doors spread throughout the map and there's no obvious way to open them and no clues provided by the game. In this post I'll solve your problem in just a few minutes so hang tight.

Whilst most of these locked gates lead to small rooms with extra chests, some of them lead to entirely new areas such as the Kytinn Hive and even elevators out of the level.

Types of locked doors

First let's take a quick look at the different types of locked doors in the Krypt so we understand which doors we're talking about.

  • Gem doors - These doors require one or more gems or keys to open, typically Key Item's in your inventory. These gems can include the Gem of the Living, Dragon Amulet and many other varieties. The game provides excellent clues by highlighting the key you require when approaching the locked door.
  • Large blocked doors (gong) - These doors are locked and there are no clues that they even open, they could be described as secret doors. Two of these doors exist at the start of the Krypt and both are opened by bashing the nearby Gong with your hammer.
  • Rock barriers - Inaccessible rock barriers must be opened using Ermac's Amulet, a Key Item that's found below ground in the Lower Pit area. Using a combination of his Amulet and a small dose of Soul Fragments you can lift these boulders out of the way.
  • Key Item doors and bridges - These are some doors that are only accessible by using character Key Items, such as Scorpion's Spear. A good example is the Wooden Bridge that's blocked until you throw the spear at the cogs/chains on the ceiling.
  • Chain pull gates - These chain pull gates are common throughout the Krypt with many inside Goro's Lair. To open a locked gate with a chain nearby, simply pull the chain and the door opens for free. The downside to these gates is that the chain is often overlooked and not easily seen.
  • Metal gates - Now onto the gates in question. These metal gates have a circular pattern on them and a circular hole in the middle, where the key goes. The image at the top of this post gives you a great idea what these gates look like.

Examples of metal gates

Map showing examples of metal gates

The map above shows just a few examples of locked metal gates in Goro's Lair. It's not all of them but gives you some idea what we're talking about. One excellent example of a locked gate that leads to a whole new area is the door in Goro's Dining Hall just before the rotating slicing hammers. If you open this gate and proceed through the tunnels you'll reach an excellent area called Kytinn Hive where loads of spiders live.

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Key reward

Now to the crutch of the problem and our solution. The only way to open these locked golden gates is to use SKELETON KEYS. These are one time use consumable items that appear in your inventory. The image above shows one such key which is circular and yellow/orange in appearance.

Since they're one time use only, you're going to need to collect many Skeleton Keys to successfully open all of the locked gates in the Krypt. If you look at your inventory screen, these keys stack with a number dictating how many you have, much like other consumables do.

How to get Skeleton Keys

Like most things in the Krypt, Skeleton Keys come from RnG rewards - yep your best friend RnG again. In my recent games, I have found Skeleton Keys from regular chests, Soul Chests and sometimes from the Shrine.

There's no guaranteed way to get Skeleton Keys, you just have to keep playing!