Mortal Kombat 11 - All Krypt Key Item Locations and Puzzle Guide

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The MK11 Krypt is noticeably larger than the ones seen in previous Mortal Kombat games but it still comes with many puzzles to solve on your way to discovering new areas, opening chests and unlocking new cosmetic items for your favourite characters.

This guide covers the actual Krypt puzzles and Key Items, providing solutions to help you unlock new areas. There are several important Key Items such as Scorpion's Spear, Ermac's Amulet, Kenshi's Blindfold, Reptile Statue and several others that are essential components for solving many of these puzzles.

Players should note that the Krypt isn't a linear experience and you will often backtrack after acquiring the necessary Key Item to reach a previously inaccessible area. The guide below will explain which Key Items are required to solve particular puzzles.

Let's start with the Key Items of which there are two varieties: character specific e.g Scorpion's Spear, and gems and artifacts e.g. Heart of the One Being.

Key Item Locations

Key Item example showing Ermac Amulet

Scorpions Spear

Use: Used to pull down dead bodies or inaccessible platforms.
Location: In The Armory, deep inside Goro's Lair. Must open Goro's Lair from above ground using Cracked Horn of Motaro. Take the narrow right hand tunnel after entering the lair, the spear is glowing with fire on the pillar. Spear location coordinates: -7086, -5242.

Ermac's Amulet

Use: Opens Soul Vaults and clears some blocked barriers.
Location: Lower Pit (-7769,-3861), on the dead body. You must enter the Lower Pit via the elevator in Goro's Lair to make Ermac fall down first. Take the left hand tunnel in the Lair.

Kenshi Blindfold

Use: Used to see invisible walls and chests. Beware, using the Blindfold in the wrong area will activate a ghost jumpscare and you will die (temporarily).
Location: The Jails, accessed via the right hand tunnel in Goro's Lair. Coordinates: -6894, -12709.

Kung Lao's Hat

Location: Goro's Lair (6565, -1257). Kung Lao's hat is clearly visible on a table in Goro's Lair. It's unclear how to interact with it yet.

Reptiles Claw

Location: Torture Halls inside Goro's Lair. Open the golden gate at coordinates 3090, 6406, then use Kenshi's Blindfold to smash through the secret wall inside the cell. Look for the Reptile creature in the small room and interact. He will run away and you have to find Reptile on the map afterwards.

Thunder God's Shattered Staff (Raiden's Staff)

Use: Used to open the locked door after the Torture Rooms in Goro's Lair i.e. in the side passage on your way to the Kytinn Hive spider room.
Location: Acquire the blue amulet (Amulet of Earthrealm's Protector) and interact with the Raiden statue that smashed when the first meteor came down outside Goro's entrance in the Courtyard. Coordinates: 958, -6811.

Sub Zero's Ice ball

Location: Soon.

Gem of the Living

Use: Opens the locked door near the left hand gong in the Courtyard.
Location: Reward from first Metror strike near Goro's door or first Shrine reward.

Cracked Horn of Motaro

Use: Opens the large doors to Goro's Lair (3540, -6174).
Location: Inside the Vaults which are accessible after opening the locked Courtyard door with the Gem of the Living.

Mind of the One Being

Use: One of three gems required to open the right hand door in Goro's Lair (3540, -6174).
How to get it: Complete 10 x Fatalities in any Tower mode.

Soul of the One Being

Use: One of three gems required to open the right hand door in Goro's Lair (3540, -6174).
How to get it: Complete 10 x Brutalities in any Tower mode.

Heart of the One Being

Use: One of three gems required to open the right hand door in Goro's Lair.
How to get it: Complete 10 x Mercies in any Tower mode. To perform a Mercy, wait until the Finish Him/Her text appears then Hold L2/LT and press down three times (on PS4).

Heart of Blaze

Use: To complete The Sacrifice puzzle with the cage and lava.
Location: Open the 80,000 Koins chest in the Goro's Lair secret room you opened using the three gems above. Coordinates: 2345, -9119.
Rewards: Loads of Souls, approx 1000.

Amulet of Earthrealm's Protector

Use: To repair the Raiden statue that was smashed by the meteor near Goro's entrance.
Location: Soon.

Dragon Amulet

Use: Used to open the locked door in the Mountain Passage passage, between the Forge and the Dragon Puzzle in the Courtyard.
Location: Inside the 20,000 Koin chest in the lava room that you open with Raiden's Key Item. This is the chest on the left hand platform after the dodge the swinging traps. Coordinates: 7436, 3102.

Shinnok's Amulet

Use: The first of three items required to solve the Kytinn Hive puzzle behind the Dragon Amulet door.
Location: Crafted in the Forge using three ingredients: Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart, Encorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls (green diamond with a skull) and Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon. Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart is a random reward, Encorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls comes from the 10K Soul tree and Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon is a reward from killing spiders in the Kytinn Hive area.

Cetrion's Amulet

Use: The last of three items required to solve the Kytinn Hive puzzle behind the Dragon Amulet door.
Location: Complete 50 x fatalities against Cetrion in any Tower mode (Klassic or Towers of Time). The best way to achieve this is to play the Klassic Survivor Tower and let the CPU replay the first fight over and over again. TIP: Quitting out and returning to the Klassic Towers mode will refresh the list; repeat until Cetrion is the first fighter, then start the process of getting 50 fatalities.

Gem of the Dead

Use: The gems description reads: "A gem filled with the power of Death". It's currently unclear what it's used for.
Location: Unconfirmed.

The Key of Chaos

Use: The gem's description reads: "A key imbued with pure chaos energy". It's use is currently a mystery.
Location: Unconfirmed.

More Key Items will appear here once discovered.

Puzzle Solutions

Palace - Hidden Wall Leading to Dead Woods

Coordinates: 4879, -692.

Use the Hammer you picked up to smash through this fake wall and open the Dead Woods area.

Courtyard - Hidden Wall Leading to Gong

Courtyard fake wall

Coordinates: 951, 3875.

Use the Hammer to smash through the fake wall leading to the first Courtyard gong. Smash the gong to open a passage towards the Forge.

The Courtyard - Invisible Chains

The Courtyard - invisible chains

Coordinates: -1362, -9679.

There are invisible chains on the pillar that can only be seen whilst wearing Kenshi's Blindfold. Pulling all four chains will open the gate to the Heart chest in the middle.

Courtyard - Hanging Body

Coordinates: 270, 589.

Use Scorpion's Spear to pull down the dead body and claim the Hearts currency. There are multiple bodies throughout the Krypt that appear to respawn after some time.

Lower Courtyard - Dragon Puzzle

Lower Courtyard - dragon puzzle

Coordinates: -5074, -7432.

Use the levers to rotate the pieces of the dragon until the full MK dragon logo is formed correctly. Opens the Wooden Bridge area where you can use Scorpions Spear to open the bridge. To solve this puzzle quickly, pull the right lever once and left lever once, avoid the middle lever.

The Sacrifice - Hanging Cage Above Lava Pit

The Sacrifice puzzle

Coordinates: -690, -13383.

First find the Heart of Blaze Key Item (see section above) and Scorpion's Spear. Pull the lever to lower the cage then place the Heart of Blaze in the cage. Pull the lever once more to raise the cage and then harpoon it with the Spear. A short cutscene plays and the nearby chests open. A Shao Khan skin was in my chest.

The Dead Woods - Body Parts Lever Puzzle

Coordinates: 8603, -4467.

Using the three levers rotate the pillar to align the body parts correctly to form Sektor, Neatherrealmer or skeleton. If you align the skeleton you will activate the burn trap, the other two bodies will open the nearby gates to additional chests.

Wooden Bridge - Raised Bridge

Wooden Bridge - blocked path

Coordinates: -4003, -6479.

Using Scorpions Spear aim for the ceiling and shoot the chains to lower the bridge, opening a new path across. There are several chests across the bridge including a Heart chest.

Lower Pit - Blocked Rubble

Lower Pit - blocked rubble

Coordinates: -6662, -5072.

Use Ermac's Amulet to lift the rocks and clear the pathway.

Lower Pit - Chest Protected by Fire

Coordinates: -8944, -3342.

Use Scorpion's Spear to pull down the water and extinguish the fire which is blocking the inaccessible chest.

The Jail - Invisible Wall to Courtyard

Coordinates: The Jail.

Using Kenshi's Blindfold, view the invisible (fake) wall in The Jail that leads to an elevator and The Courtyard. The Jail is accessible via Goro's Dining Room. This puzzle is automatically activated when you pick up Kenshi's Blindfold for the first time.

Kytinn Hive - Rotating Stone Puzzle

Rotating Stone Puzzle

Coordinates: -4097, -1576.

Rotate the three stone pillars by pulling the levers (like a slot machine) until the empty slots appear. Interact with each slot to place a Key Item that will then glow inside. The three items you require are: Kronikas Amulet, Amulet of Shinnok and Cetrion's Amulet. The locations for these are mentioned above in the Key Items section.

Living Forest Monster Tree and Portal

The Living Forest Monster Portal allows players to teleport to a secret location where the Living Forest Monster Tree is located. In this area, players can bury items and place traps to prevent other players from stealing their buried items. The longer the items are buried they also become visible to more players hence why traps are so important.