Mortal Kombat 11 - Kollector Trade Items and Kollector Krypt Location

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Kollector Trade items are a brand new addition in the MK11 Krypt. They are very sparse rewards, both high in value but also in rarity. Players will sometimes find Kollector Trade items when opening chests that can be traded with the Kollector in the Krypt.

New players often neglect Kollector Trade items because they serve no immediate purpose in the Krypt, nor do they have any value outside the Krypt. Like other rewards, trade items have unique names and appear on the rewards screen.

They are slotted into the Kollector Trade section of the player inventory. One thing that's for certain is trade items portray a high value, often made of gold, such as a crown or jewellery.

During my first few hours with the game, I found roughly three Kollector items and all three came from hidden chests that could only be seen whilst wearing Kenshi's Blindfold. Although we have the option to refill chests using Kronikas Time Vault, it's not clear whether these hidden chests will reroll. It could be conincidence but hidden chests may be the way to find trade items.

I didn't find any trade items in regular chests and have played over 3 hours of Krypt so far.

Kollector Trade item locations

Kollector Trade item example

The list below highlights the locations where I found trade items:

Kings Crown

Location: The Courtyard (1485, -7730).
Inside a hidden chest that is visible when wearing Kenshi's Blindfold. You must clear the rubble using Ermac's Amulet first.

Dark Emperesses Head Dress

Location: The Courtyard (-49, 3309).
Inside another hidden chest in the courtyard, use Kenshi's Blindfold to reveal.

Crown of Angus

Location: Goro's Dining Hall (-1211, 1997)
Hidden chest in Goro's dining section of the Krypt.

Update: After creating a second PSN account and replaying the Krypt to prove that these trade items would appear in the same location, unfortunately they do not. It appears that every coin chest is completely RnG. Anything can appear in any chest. Not sure what's the point in having so many chests scattered throughout the Krypt in this case.

Where to find the Kollector in the Krypt

kollector character

As the name implies, Kollector Trade items are traded with the new MK11 character called the Kollector. We know that the Kollector has an obsession with collecting treasures from his enemies, and anything of high value is going to interest him. The official bio describes the Kollector as "more of a corrupt, mafia enforcer than a government official, The Kollector stole riches from Outworld's people, rewarding himself with wealth and status in turn."

Kollector location found

After several hours playing MK11 I managed to find the Kollector. After unlocking several new Krypt areas including the extensive underground Goro layer I managed to discover the room with Kung Lao's hat on the table. The Kollector will sometimes appear behind the table at certain times, maybe dependent on the Krypt clock or the number of hours played.

Kollector map location

Krypt map - Goro's Lair

I've included a map of Goro's Lair above which highlights the Kollectors location.

Update 1: The Kollector can also be summoned using a consumable called the "Kollector's Koin". The in-game description for this item reads "A golden koin that can be used to entice the Kollector to appear".

Given his hard to reach location, and the already existing forge for creating new items, the Kollector does offer the option to trade certain items in return for skins, augments and other rare items. He has a set inventory though with only five slots (from what I've witnessed).