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Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Multiplayer, Achievements

Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Multiplayer, Achievements
Jam packed with various achievements and multiplayer options, Black Ops is a truly great game. If you want to get all the achievements, beat other multiplayers, learn about killstreaks, weapons and simply be the best Black Ops player then read on.

Large screenshot for Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Multiplayer, Achievements

Jam packed with various achievements and multiplayer options, Black Ops is a truly great game. If you want to get all the achievements, beat other multiplayers, learn about killstreaks, weapons and simply be the best Black Ops player then read on.

What does this guide contain?

  • Cheats and codes
  • Campaign missions walkthrough
  • Multiplayer map guide
  • Zombies map guide
  • How to unlock Dead Ops Arcade
  • All Achievements and how to get them
  • Secret Achievements
  • All Black Ops Intel
  • Gametypes
  • How to earn COD Points
  • Explains wager matches
  • Killsteaks
  • Weapons

Campaign missions

A complete walkthrough of each of the campaign missions including where to find Intel and gain achievements.

All Black ops missions are:

Operation 40
Executive Order
The Defector
Project Nova
Victor Charlie
Crash Site

Multiplayer map guide

A guide to all the Black Ops multiplayer maps, including satellite views and tactics.

Firing Range

Zombies map guide

Explains the layout of all the Zombie maps and where to hide if you want to stay alive. Also contains cheat codes to unlock the secret Zombie maps from the interrogation room, weapon tips and how to beat Zombies. Includes guide for maps:

Kino Der Toten

Dead Ops Arcade

Guide also contains tips for the Dead Ops Arcade mode. Dead Ops Arcade is a secret game, similar to the Super Smash TV where you play a top down version of Zombies.


All the achievements you can get in Black Ops and how to achieve them.

Closer Analysis
Date Night
Death to Dictators
Double Trouble
Double Whammy
Easy Rhino
Eaten by a Grue
Frag Master
Hands off the merchandise
Heavy Hand
I Hate Monkeys
In the Money (multiplayer)
Insert Coin
Light Foot
Lord Nelson
Mr Black Op
No Leaks
Raining Pain
Ready for Deployment (Multiplayer)
Russian BBQ
Sacrificial Lamb (Zombies)
Sally likes blood
See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me (Zombies)
Slingshot Kid
The Collector
The Dragon Within
Tough Economy
Unconventional Warfare
Up Close and Personal
Vehicular Slaughter

Other achievements

With extreme prejudice
Death to Dictators
Vehicular Slaughter
Slingshot Kid
Give me liberty
A safer place
Tough Economy
Looks don't count
Raining Pain
The Dragon Within
SOG Rules
Heavy Hand
Up close and personal
Double Trouble
Broken English
Lord Nelson
Never get off the boat
Mr. Black OP
With extreme prejudice
Russian BBQ
Light Foot
Some wounds never heal
I hate monkeys
No Leaks
Double Whammy
Stand Down
Frag Master
Sally Likes Blood
Unconventional Warfare
Cold Warrior
Down and Dirty
It's your funeral
Not Today
Burn Notice
Closer Analysis
Date Night
In The Money
Ready For Deployment
The Collector
Hands Off the Merchandise
Sacrificial Lamb
Insert Coin
Easy Rhino

Secret Achievements

See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me
Just ask me nicely
Eaten by a Grue

Wager Matches

Tips of how to win at Wager Matches including:

One in the Chamber
Sticks and Stone
Gun Game


Explanations for all of the multiplayer gametypes:

Team Deathmatch
Capture the Flag
Search and Destroy
Hardcore Team Deathmatch
Hardcore Search and Destroy
Combat Training


All the Killstreaks such as:

3 kill streaks: Spy Plane, RC-XD
4 kill streaks: Counter-Spy Plane, SAM Turret
5 kill streaks: Care Package, Napalm Strike
6 kill streaks: Sentry Gun, Mortar Team
7 kill streaks: Attack Helicopter, Valkyrie Rockets
8 kill streaks: Blackbird, Rolling Thunder
9 kill streaks: Chopper Gunner
11 kill streaks: Attack Dogs, Gunship

Weapons and Equipment

A guide to the various weapons, attachments and equipment such as:

Motion Sensor
Camera Spike
Dragon's Breath
Grenade Launcher
Snub Nose
Death Machine
Grim Reaper

Note: This is an online site not a download.


Price: $0
Size: N/AMB
Released: 11/2010
Type: freewareCategory: Games

OS Support: Any - XBox, PS3, PC, Wii
Keywords: call of duty

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