Best Games for the New iPad

Best Games for the New iPad

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Apple's new iPad is out now. Packed with a new high resolution screen and faster processer, the tablet device is screaming out for new apps. The iTunes store has millions of games to sift through so we'll save you a little time by recommending some of the best.

GTA 3 (Grand Theft Auto 3) HD


Rockstar Games have just released GTA 3 which takes us back to Liberty City on the 10th anniversary of the original game. HD quality with stunning graphics, characters and vehicle models.
It's a little expensive but GTA games make great iPad apps.

Plants vs Zombies


A tower defence game with a twist. You're in control of plants and you've got to repel the zombie armies before they eat your brains. Nice! Plants vs Zombies has made its way onto various platforms including XBox 360, PS3, Android, Nintendo get the idea, it's a great game.



NOVA is an action adventure game from Gameloft that's an imitation of Halo. NOVA contains first person action, environments and guns that will look very familiar to halo fans. The graphics are good and gameplay is smooth. iPad owners can also enjoy the impressive HD version of the game.

COD Zombies (HD)


You either love Call of Duty or you hate it. Either way, Zombies is a great mini-game included with the hugely successful Black Ops game. It's made its way onto all of the Apple devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad but the iPad graphics are still the best. The iPad's large screen size makes this first person shooter a real joy to play solo or with friends. Note: HD version comes with less maps, so head over to iPhone version if you want more..

Pocket Legends


Considered the first cross-platform, mobile 3D MMORPG (i.e you can play against people on Android). Taking away all the jargon, Pocket Legends is essentially a role playing game where you can either take on quests yourself or join millions of other players around the world. It's free to play and it's a truly engrossing game.

Galaxy on Fire 2


Galaxy on Fire 2 is an award winning 3D space combat game. The series has been part of the bestselling apps list for the last 5 years or so. The sequel is considered one of the best space games on the iPad. Great graphics and a really fun game.

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