Facebook now allows users to approve and reject photo tags

Facebook now allows users to approve and reject photo tags

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Facebook has finally fixed the annoying photo tagging feature that allowed users to tag people in photos even if those people weren't even in the photos! The new privacy feature allows you to review the photos and accept or decline the tags before the photo is automatically posted onto your wall.

The same approval/rejection feature is also available for photo uploads. Rather than other people being allowed to tag your photos, you can now preview them before they get published. You have total control over your own photo tags..about time!!

New Facebook photo tagging options

Remove the tag [persons name] created
This will remove the tag and take the photo off your profile page. The photo is still visible though because its not yours.

Ask [persons name] to take the photo down
This option will automatically send a message to the person asking them to take the photo down. Of course the person has the choice to either take the photo down or ignore you.

Block [persons name]
This will indefinitely block the person and you'll both become invisible to each other. The photo tag is removed and you will not be able to contact each other again in the future. The blocked list is manageable in the Privacy Settings page so if one day you forgive the person you can always become friends again!

The new privacy settings for photo tagging come bundled with a collection of other privacy changes that affect users profiles and sharing content. These will be rolled out to Facebook in the coming weeks.

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