Sony PSN Accounts Hacked - How to Cancel your Credit Card?

Sony PSN Accounts Hacked - How to Cancel your Credit Card?

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Anyone who uses the PSN (Playstation Network) knows by now that 77 million accounts were hacked over the Easter weekend (April 2011). It's been confirmed that usernames, passwords, address and credit card information was stolen.

So what should you do now?

Well, the username, password and address theft you can probably live with but cancelling your credit card is a MUST! Cancelling your cc is the only sure way to stop unauthorized transactions and stop any money leaving your account. Yes you can claim fraudulent transactions back but why go through the hassle? Especially since 77 million people will probably be doing something similar.

Change passwords

Did you use a password similar to any of your other accounts? Did you register with an email address that has a similar password to your PSN account? If you did, better login to your email account and change it to be on the safe side.

How to cancel a credit card?

Most financial institutions are well aware of credit card theft and unauthorized transactions. They have systems and procedures in place to fight this kind of thing. They can also instantly block your credit card the moment you tell them. They also have dedicated phone numbers just to cancel a card or report it stolen. Remember reclaiming money costs those companies too so they're more than happy to save their own time and money on cc theft.

The downside of cancelling your card

The big issue with cancelling your credit card is that you'll be without a card for at least a week or two. Until the bank sends you a new card you won't be able to pay for anything with your old card. Any online accounts such as online shopping, tax payments or utility bills that you pay with the cc will need to be updated. You'll have to pay with a debit card or alternate credit card if you're lucky enough to have one.

Used your parents credit card?

Your parents may not be aware of the problems Sony are having. Make sure you tell your parents or who ever pays your PSN account asap! They need to call the bank and cancel their card before its compromised.

Sony you screwed up big time!

A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon and suing Sony for the breach. It was a massive breach and yes Sony are a bunch of idiots for not letting users know earlier. However, PSN is a free service and when you use free stuff you take your chances..

Strongly suggest getting an Xbox, paying for Xbox Live and thanking Microsoft for the time and effort they put into security..

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