VLC Player v2 - Now works on Windows 64 bit, Android and iOS

VLC Player v2 - Now works on Windows 64 bit, Android and iOS

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VLC Player is one of the most popular third party video players. It provides a wealth of features and support for just about every codec under the sun. VLC v2 (code name TwoFlower) will come with more support for mobile devices including Android and iOS.

If you've browsed any of the popular download sites you'll have noticed that VLC player is usually in the top 10. This is largely thanks to its support for a wide range of video formats combined with the fact that it's completely free and regularly supported.

Unlike other video players, VLC comes pre-packed with a tonne of codecs so there's no need to hunt around for anything extra. It plays just about any video format you can think of, from mainstream MP4 and MPG2 to RMDB and OGG. Version 2 will also run on 64 bit versions of Windows, Android and iPhone as well.

VLC v2 - New Features

  • Reworked video core and outputs - Subtitles, subpictures, OSD, OpenGL, Direct 3D.
  • Almost every video codec can be transcoded
  • Mobile versions including: Android, iOS and Win64
  • Blu-Ray disc support using libbluray
  • Support for WMV images used by Photo Story software
  • New video output based on Direct2D for Windows 7 and Vista. Also new video ouput for iOS platform.

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