Is the new iPad better for games than the PS Vita? Side by Side Comparison

Is the new iPad better for games than the PS Vita? Side by Side Comparison

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Apple's just launched their new iPad which comes with a quad core processor and new A5X graphics chip. Apps run faster, colours are more vibrant and the 9.7 inch screen displays a whopping 3.1 million pixels. How does it match up to Sony's new PS Vita for gamers?

Let's start by looking at the pros for each of the devices:



New iPad

  • Thousands of free games to download from iTunes
  • Large 9.7 inch display
  • Dual core A5X CPU with quad core GPU
  • 4G compatible
  • High quality product with sleek design

PS Vita

  • Main stream games developed by top publishers e.g. Uncharted
  • Multiple controls including touch sensitive front and back
  • Quad core ARM Cortex processor
  • Compatible with PlayStation network
  • It's relatively cheap at $250

As you can see, both devices come with the latest quad core technology so games are going to run smoothly. The iPad boasts the largest mobile screen display with stunning resolution and quality. It displays a million more pixels than you HD TV at home! The PS Vita is backed up with mainstream gaming titles from the likes of FIFA, Uncharted etc.. It's also more portable than the iPad because of its smaller screen size.

Now let's take a look at the Con's for each device:



  • Expensive - starting price is $500 for the measly Wi-Fi only 16GB
  • Memory is hard wired in - no upgrade options
  • Game titles are limited - app developers have a habit of creating 'pick up and play' games with no sustainability
  • Only has touch sensitive controls - there's a time when being able to move the analog stick or pressing a button feels better

PS Vita

PS Vita

  • Maximum of 5 hours battery life with no swappable battery like older PS consoles
  • Games are not free (except for a few promotions)
  • 5 inch screen is small (but this could also be a pro because it's more portable)


With both the PS Vita and iPad you're going to need to invest in additional memory to get the most out of the device. The PS Vita comes with a standard base memory and you can slot in extra memory cards. The iPad is not so friendly so you'll need to choose your memory up front when you purchase

The iPad has an amazing screen size which is crystal clear. Games are big, bright and really fun. But that's where the buck stops with the iPad, the majority of the games are fun to play for a while but get boring quickly. On the flip side, the Vita has some amazing titles like 'Uncharted' but they come at a hefty price ($50!).

The Vita is a dedicated gaming machine whilst the iPad can be used for numerous things such as browsing the web, office documents, photos, watching movies, books etc. The list is never ending. So whilst you pay more, you actually get something which isn't just about games.

There's not much to choose between the two. It boils down to do you want a dedicated gaming console that's cheap with good titles? Are you a dedicated gamer that enjoys playing the same game for hours? Then go for the PS Vita. If you enjoy casual gaming, large screens, millions of apps to choose from and an all-round device then the iPad is for you.

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