God of War - All Treasure Map Locations

God of War - All Treasure Map Locations

By James on 19 April 2018 | god of war

Treasure Maps are a surefire way to earn some guaranteed Legendary items in God of War, not to mention a hefty amount of hacksilver too! In this guide you'll find a complete list of all Treasure Map locations, helping you pinpoint those Scrolls and Dig Spots and complete the "Treasure Hunter" trophy.

In our experience, Treasure Maps have helped us earn tens of thousands of Hacksilver that would have otherwise taken quite some time. Treasure hunts are fairly simple in God of War, as long as you know where to find the scroll (clues) and then complete the hunt.

Only Atreus can pick up Treasure Maps and you'll receive an instant notification in your codex when you discover one. Every map (scroll) contains a brief passage of text, the clue, together with a visual image of the treasures location. It's a good idea to memorize this image as it'll help you pinpoint the precise dig spot later.

The list below describes all of the Treasure Map locations, including actual location names so you can quickly grab that extra Hacksilver. In total there are 12 treasure maps in the game, helping you claim over 50,000 Hacksilver.

All Treasure Map Locations

Name Treasure Map Location Dig Spot Location Hacksilver
Dead and Bloated Volunder Mines: Beside the red chest in the room before the Soul Eater boss. You will find this one while completing the Favor: 'Second Hand Soul'. Cliffs of the Raven: Explore the vicinity and find the dead giant at the back of the area. The dig spot is beside his waist. 6000
The Turtle's Tribute The River Pass: Start in The Witch's Cave, in the area with the Hidden Chamber entrance. Explode the red tree saps with Atreus' shock arrows to access this area. The River Pass: Check behind the elevator in The Witch's Cave for the red tree sap, detonate it to return to the garden at the start of the game. The dig site is near to the house by the stones. 5000
Njord's Oarsmen Nothri Stronghold: Check the old boat for the body. You will find this scroll during Sindri's quests: 'Family Business'. Council of Valkyries: Located before the bridge in the Council of Valkyries area, north east of the Lake of Nine. 20,000
Kneel Before Thor Landsuther Mines: Part of the Dwarven Favor: 'Deus Ex Malachite'. Take the wooden elevator up to the red chest, scroll is in front on floor. Landsuther Mines / Lookout Tower: Take the boat across the water from the mine, follow the beach area up and scale the cliffside. Eventually after the zipwire you'll find the enemies and dig spot. 20,000
Creation Island Iron Cove: South western area of the Lake of Nine. In front of a stack of barrels, southern beach of the Iron Cove. Buri's Storeroom: Go to the back of the island, left of the giant water wheel when you face the large gates to Veithurgard. Dig spot is in the middle of the beach, easy to see. 6000
Don't Blink Fafnir's Storeroom:  Western side of regon, in the underground forest cavern, look for the circular platform with the knights dead body. Foothills: Eastern side of the region, on the snowey steps leading up the side of the mountain. 6000
Historian Ruins of the Ancient: Far north western side of the lake, look for the Mystic Gateway here and check the surrounding area for the map. Fafnir's Storeroom: South western side of region, look for the giant waterfall, then the cove with the burning fires and Ram heads on either side. 5000
Finders Fee Forgotten Caverns: Enter the cavern with many chests and venture to the very end of the cave, map is on the floor. Northri Stronghols: Far northwest of area, almost off the map. Take a long boat trip through Northri Gorge until the huge water wheel, climb the wooden ladder to the very top. 10,000
Island of Light Stone Falls: West of the Stone Falls area, near the giant blue statue, not far from the bridge. Light Elf Outpost: On the western side of the island, take the gold chain to get there. 6000
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