God of War - How to Get All Runic Summons for Atreus Bow

God of War - How to Get All Runic Summons for Atreus Bow

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To complement Kratos' Runic Attacks, players can also unlock Runic Summons for Atreus. These Special Moves are designed to support Kratos rather than inflict direct damage. In this guide I'll explain exactly how to unlock these Runic Summons in God of War.

In total there are 6 Runic Summons that players can equip to Atreus' Bow. With the exception of one, the Summons all act in a supportive, area of effect manner. To use a Summon, players simply have to HOLD the square button and as usual, must wait for the ability to recharge before calling it in again.

Like Runic Attacks, the majority of Runic Summons come from Legendary Chests with the odd one coming from a BOSS fight. There aren't any major spoilers in this guide but you may find references to enemy names and some screenshots.

How to get all Runic Summons

The table below shows a list of all Runic Summons, which map location they're in and also how to get them. Scroll further down for images and puzzle solutions for the harder chests.

Runic name Description Location How to get
Summon a stampede of boars that charges forth where Kratos is facing. The boars run in a cone formation with three stragglers in the rear. Their charge staggers weaker enemies in a wide area.  Thamur’s Corpse Stonebeard King (BOSS) Drop
Summon a deer that discharges energy as it walks toward Kratos. Nearby enemies are staggered as it discharges energy, eventually vanishing and detonating weak enemies into the air River Pass - Witch’s Yard Legendary Chest (Sand Puzzle)
Summon a group of spectral falcons. The falcons fly around for a second before dive-bombing into the ground, causing an area of effect. The Mountain Legendary Chest
 Summon a murder of crows that swarms enemies. The birds annoy enemies for several seconds before each one targets an enemy and hits with a small explosion of energy. River Pass Legendary Chest
Summon a squirrel to unearth consumables. If Atreus uses Light Arrows to call the squirrel, a Healthstone is dug up. With Shock Arrows, a Ragestone is unearthed. Light Elf Outpost Legendary Chest
Summon a wolf that pounces enemies three times, dealing a little damage each pounce, and Light or Shock energy and Stun.  Alfheim Svartaljofurr (BOSS) drop (Dark Elf Boss)

Legendary Chests - Puzzle Solutions

Murder of Crows - River Pass

Murder of Crows chest location

Open the steel gate to gain access to the area shown in the image above. For this particular puzzle we need to help Atreus gain access to the sand bowl which is on the platform in the distance. First, he needs to get to the upper level, and then secondly we need to help him cross.

Venture into the room shown in the image, look to your right for the wooden wall with white symbols on it. Smash a hole with your axe and ask Atreus to climb up.

Next, use the axe to smash the wooden logs beside the large movable platform. Get Kratos to slide the moveable platform over to where Atreus is standing. Let him jump on and then push him over to the other side. Atreus will say "It is! It's another one of those sand bowls".

Now look up to the ceiling and smash the wooden barriers which are obscuring the gold symbols. Atreus will now complete the riddle and the elevator moves upwards, allowing you to access the Legendary Chest.

Storm of the Elks - River Pass (Witch's yard)

Storm of the Elks chest location

Nothing too complicated about this chest, you just need to find the location shown on the image above. It's near the Witch's house in River Pass, where all the bright red trees are. Use the platforms to get down to the lower level and walk up to the sand bowl. Atreus will solve the puzzle himself, revealing the Legendary Chest inside the rubble.

Falcon's Dive - The Mountain

Falcon's Dive chest location

We're inside the Mountain for this chest so if you haven't gotten this far in the story then it will be inaccessible just yet.

Starting from the large chamber with the blue crystals, giant elk statue and sand bowl. Face the Elk statue and take the entrance (tunnel) on the left. Follow the path onwards until a cliff face, climb it and shift across to a new area with a giant wheel and wooden structures. See image above.

Take the gold chain up the ledge and the chest is just here.

More solutions coming soon...

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