God of War - Seasons Puzzle Solution for the Magic Chisel Quest

God of War - Seasons Puzzle Solution for the Magic Chisel Quest

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The Seasons puzzle is one of the many puzzles in God of War. It's encountered during the Magic Chisel story quest as players attempt to "find a way to the hammers head segment". In this guide I'm offering a quick an easy solution to this puzzle to avoid any potential frustrations.

The solution to this puzzle sounds quite simple: put the symbols of season into the correct order, as described by Atreus during his dialogue speech. However, there's a slight twist to this puzzle which is what often catches people out.

Like most puzzles in God of War, players need to throw the Leviathan Axe at particular markers, in this case circular "shields". Each time you hit a particular shield it rotates the symbol above. Rotate enough shields to line up the correct sequence and the puzzle's complete.

Now then, pay particular attention when Atreus reaches the sand bowl, as he tells you about the song that his mother sang to him. This song contains the order of the seasons which are read out as: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

It's fairly obvious but the symbol for winter is the snowflake, spring is the flower, summer is the sun, and autumn is the of course the leaf. However, the big catch here is that if you align the seasons in this order, it doesn't work!

So how do you actually solve it then?

How to solve the Seasons puzzle

Seasons puzzle solution

The reason why this sequence is incorrect is because the riddle on the sand bow itself, which Atreus reads out first before reciting his mother's song, is the most important element of the puzzle. Players can listen to Atreus repeat the song back to them as often as they like, but the real key to the solution is the sand bowl riddle - something which is easily overlooked.

Here is the sand bowl riddle:

"When time itself is disarrayed / The forward path is retrograde."

There big clue is the word retrograde, an uncommon word to mean "directed or moving backwards". Therefore players MUST place the Seasons in reverse order to solve this particular puzzle. The correct sequence from LEFT to RIGHT is:

Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter.

Or, if you prefer:

Leaf, Sun, Flower, Snowflake.

If you're unclear, just check the image above with the yellow circles. It shows the correct sequence of symbols.
After putting the Seasons in the correct order, press Square to talk to Atreus again and that will complete the puzzle. Now get ready as your ascent towards the Hammer's Head is filled with some tough fights!

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