No Man’s Sky - Best Way to Collect Thamium9 (Farming)

No Man’s Sky - Best Way to Collect Thamium9 (Farming)

By James on 09 August 2016 | no mans sky

Thamium9 is a very important planetary material used for charging mining equipment, weapons and life support systems. It is also an ingredient in important crafting recipes such as Warp Cell's that allow you to hyper jump but also as a fuel source for the "pulse" jump that increases your ship's speed. In this guide you'll find an easy way to locate and collect Thamium9, with a little farming method to help you out.

Where to find Thamium9

This important material can be found in the following ways:

Red plants

Red plants

Certain planets contain red plants with bulbs and coral like features (see image above). Approach these plants and use the Interact option to harvest the Thamium9. You should collect roughly 10-20 units per plant.

It is best to use your scanner to locate the nearby plants rather than trying to spot them with a naked eye.

The downside to this option is that because of the games procedural generation it means that finding a densely populated planet with red plants can take a long time. You also need to traverse the plant at walking speed which is rather unproductive.



Another way to get Thamium9, or any other material for that matter, is to trade with NPC's. The easiest way to do this is to dock at your nearest space station. Wait a few minutes for an NPC ship to dock (if there isn't one there already).

Walk up to the front of the ship and interact with the pilot. This opens the in-game trading screen and a list of materials is shown on the right side, allowing you to browse through the list and exchange credits in return for materials.

Asteroids (Easiest farming method)


This is by far the easiest way to earn Thamium9 with little to no effort.

Take your space ship for a little spin, high above the planet's atmosphere. Look for the floating asteroids (rocks) and home in with your blaster weapon. Successfully destroying an asteroid will send the Thamium9 element hurtling towards you, racking up nicely in your inventory.

Whats even better is that you don't even have to shoot the rocks if you don't want to. Simply smash into them with your ship and you'll still collect the material as you go along, with no damage to your ship in the process.


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