No Mans Sky - Freighter Won’t Warp (Hyperdrive Has No Fuel)

No Mans Sky - Freighter Won’t Warp (Hyperdrive Has No Fuel)

By James on 28 July 2018 | no mans sky

Imagine the scenario, you've found your first Freighter in No Mans Sky NEXT but rather annoyingly you can't warp the ship anywhere and the game says your Hyperdrive has no fuel even though it does. Don't worry you're not alone on this one! Read the guide below for some tips to remedy this situation.

Many players have reported that their Warp Drive is 100% charged but when they go to the galactic map and choose a new system it says "Warp Drive has no fuel". You would be forgiven for thinking that something was missing, especially given the shear size of features added in NEXT, but don't worry you're not doing anything wrong here - it's just a bug!

Frigate inspection screen

For new players who may be wondering how to even get a Hyperdrive for the Freighter (if it doesn't have one preinstalled) just open the Freighter screen and select Technology instead of General.

Ok, there are ways to try and fix this warp problem so let's take a look at the possibilities...


1. Use a starship then summon freighter

The best resolution to this problem is to jump in your starship and travel to another location entirely, planet, space, whatever. Then using the summon command, call your Freighter into the vicinity. This particular method appears to clear the bug which was preventing you from travelling in your freighter in the first place.

Note, this method is only a temporary workaround as it seems this particular bug does rear its head again afterwards.

2. Save another freighter

Rescuing additional freighters will increase your standing with whatever race the freighter belongs to. Not only will you build a larger fleet but you'll also have the opportunity to sell freighters at some stage for cash. With any luck, the new ship will not be plagued by the same bug as your old one!

3. Avoid saving on your main save

Not so much a remedy but more a prevention - considering the extensive nature of this bug and the trouble it's causing players I would recommended avoiding saving on your main slot. Create an additional save slot and branch out for the time being. Should things get fixed correctly in the patch then your save may be ok, but always good to be on the safe side.

4. Wait for the patch (1.5.2)

Hello Games are well aware of this particular bug which is affecting thousands of users. A patch for the PC is already rolling out (just 4 days after the release of NEXT). Consoles should get the same patch a few days later so everyone should be fixed approximately a week after the launch of NEXT.

Just hang in there for a few days and this annoying bug will be long gone, leaving you with many hours of stress free enjoyment in No Mans Sky!


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