No Man’s Sky - How to Return to Home Planet or Previous System

No Man’s Sky - How to Return to Home Planet or Previous System

By James on 10 August 2016 | no mans sky

Revisiting a previous planet is a common question - whether you've fallen in love with a previous planet or simply want to go back to the games starting point to start the Atlas Path because you missed it. In this post I'll explain how to revisit previous planets and potentially make it all the way back to the start of the game.

I think the reason this question is so important is because it's far too easy to miss the orb next the crashed ship at the start of the game. Doing so, prevents you from having those nice little map markers that take you on your way to a Space Anomaly, Atlas Stations and of course the Atlas Pass which is so important for opening those inaccessible doors on space stations.

Although No Man's Sky makes it easy to see your next destination or way point, it completely loses the "cookie-crumb" trail that allows you to backtrack from your current position. Systems have really obscure names and spotting them again is nigh on impossible.

During the development of NMS, Sean mentioned that you would be able to revisit older planets and see the mark you had left on them. He also mentioned that later on in the game trading routes would mean that certain systems required more of a particular resource than others - making it logical that you would step up trading routes from A to B and back again.

There is hope and before you consider deleting your save and restarting the game, try following the step by step guide below and see if it helps.

How to do it

Although you can scour through the map to find you previous system by name, try following the steps below and see if they help:

  1. Open the galaxy map
  2. Press right on the D-Pad (scan for recent systems)
  3. Press it again to select nearest
  4. This should show the ones you have recently visited

Of course this only shows the most recent systems and I can't guarantee that if you've traveled very far then you'll be able to backtrack all the way.

Give it a try, get those Warp Cell's crafted and head on back to your previous system and enjoy!!!


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