No Man's Sky -  Where to Find Zinc to Repair Ship

No Man's Sky - Where to Find Zinc to Repair Ship

By James on 09 August 2016 | no mans sky

One of the first things you're going to need to do in No Man's Sky is repair your spaceship. A number of different resources are needed to fully complete the repair and probably the hardest element to find is Zinc which is required to repair the Pulse Engine. In this guide I'll explain how to get hold of that illustrious Zinc element and get you on your way.

Until you repair your ship you will be stuck on your starting planet indefinitely! This is one of the games initial sticking points but once out of the way you'll be flying - quite literally.

Finding Zinc


Hopefully by now you've already started the tutorial part of the game which has been guiding you through the basics of the game. It will of course be your first planet and like everyone else your planet is randomly generated and completely unique to you.

That said, the Zinc element does come from a known resource that everyone can search for. What you're looking for is a yellow plant that must be interacted with (NOT destroyed) to collect that precious Zinc for your ships repair. I strongly recommend that you repair the Scanner tool using Carbon as soon as possible - this will make it far easier to find other materials, creatures and points of interest.

Zinc marker

The best way to actually find the Zinc is to explore the planets surface and continuously scan for little markers. Many red and blue markers may appear but keep scanning for yellow markers - these are the Zinc plants. The image above shows an example of a yellow marker which signifies Zinc is nearby.

Walk up to the plant and interact to collect the Zinc material. DO NOT shoot the flower or attempt to mine it - that's not necessary.


Some players have reported that it took them up to 40 minutes to find all the Zinc they needed. So if you're stuck just keep on exploring and scanning until you find some. Once you have the Zinc, open your inventory screen and fix the broken Hyperdrive to move one step closer to leaving the starting planet.

Also keep a little Zinc in reserve because this stuff is highly important for your temperature management - as in, stopping you from dying as a result of freezing or overheating.


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