Titanfall 2 - Best Boosts to Unlock

Titanfall 2 - Best Boosts to Unlock

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Titanfall 2 has a total of twelve Boosts that can be unlocked and preselected before and during any match. In this post I'll discuss what I believe to be the best Boosts in the game, giving you some guidance as to which ones are worth unlocking a little earlier.

Upon launching TF2, your character immediately has access to a single Boost called Amped Weapons, which for a starting Boost is not bad really. Other Boosts are spread evenly through the next 50 Levels, requiring you to either splash some of your Credits (125 per early unlock) or wait patiently whilst you level up your pilot for free unlocks

It takes some considerable time to level from 0 - 50 and even reaching 30+ takes around 10-15 hours game time. During this period it's incredibly tempting to unlock a Boost or two early and increase your match competency considerably.

Bear in mind that Regeneration will take away any Boosts which you did not unlock through purchasing with Credits.

So which Boosts should you unlock early? Let's take a look...

Best Boosts

1. Map Hack

Boost - Map Hack

A lot of players hate Map Hack because it dramatically shifts the balance of the game. For the side using the hack, it's an extremely easy way to spot all enemies on the map, then search and kill them off. Upon activation, all enemies have bright orange outlines and appear on the mini-map.

I guess the only downside to the Map Hack is that it reveals enemies to your entire team. If you're a SOLO player wanting to top the leader board, highlighting enemies for your team mates will not improve your overall score. This of course is not a problem in Free For All mode.

2. Pilot Sentry

Boost - Pilot Sentry

The pilot sentry is actually more of an anti-infantry sentry since it also targets Grunts and Spectres as well as pilots once deployed. This deployable device is a nice "plant and forget" device that can be deployed on top of buildings, walls etc. A good vantage point for deployment can easily help you rack up pilot kills.

There are two good ways to use the sentry. Either infiltrate the enemy spawn location and plant the sentry high above, leave and let the gun do it's work - topping up your Titan meter in the background.

Or, deploy and fight side by side with your sentry. The gun will not only cover your back from flank attacks but also helps identify the direction of threats.

The downside to the sentry is that it's a forward facing sentry and because the field of view is approx 120 degrees, it should be strategically placed to prolong it's lifetime.

3. Smart Pistol

Boost - Smart Pistol

Returning from the original Titanfall game, Smart Pistol makes its comeback in the form of a Boost this time around. Long time fans will remember the sheer brilliance of this weapon and it's ability to automatically highlight and lock onto enemies.

Although it's only a pistol, the Smart Pistol is deadly, quick to reload and an almost guaranteed kill at close range. So why not number 1? Well, it comes with limited ammo now, with only two 12 round magazines per activation. That'll probably get you a couple of close range kills following activation though.

4. Battery Back-Up

Boost - Battery Back-Up

No one likes running round the map with a glowing green battery on their back right? How about a Boost that immediately gives a battery when you need it most? The Battery Back-Up boost is a medium tier unlock available once you reach level 28, which takes a fair while to get to.

It's primary use is of course going to be for your own Titan. Simply wait for the Titan meter to hit full, deploy Titan, activate Boost and board your Titan for a nice free shield.

It's often the case that you'll get the most kills when playing as a Titan so having that extra shield will prolong your Titan experience for a win win situation. Just make sure you activate the Boost ONLY when your Titan is close by and ready to board.

Most Useless/Weak Boosts

Of all the Boosts there are a few which I find to be completely useless. Maybe I'm just missing the point here but for such high level unlocks they do seem very weak. Let's take a look…

Phase Rewind

This Boost teleports you to a location shortly before you activated it - roughly 3 seconds before. My question is why would you ever want to do that? I can only think of a couple of situations: either you are escaping from a chasing pilot and want to teleport behind them, or similarly running away from a chasing Titan and want to teleport behind them.

In my experience there are much better ways to escape: Stim running away, phase shifting, grappling etc. For such as high level unlock I fail to see the advantage of consuming a Boost just for that tactic.

Titan Sentry

Similar to the Pilot Sentry, the Titan Sentry is deployed and will attack Titans (and other mechs) automatically for a minute. It fires in a similar way to the smaller AI mechs in that it shoots a stream of pulses.

The bad news is that it's easily destroyed by Titans and will take a considerable amount of firepower to take one down alone. This is in contrast to the Pilot Sentry which easily kills pilots.

If you want a little top up on your meter then the Titan Sentry is ok, just don't expect it to make a big difference to your overall success.

Holo Pilot Nova

This Boost creates multiple decoys of your pilot which sounds good, but in reality it's fairly weak. The problem with the decoys is that they run together in a straight line upon activation, resembling nothing more than braindead clones.

I guess if you want to test if a pilot is camping in a spot then deploying three rushing clones would satisfy that requirement but for a level 48 unlock it's certainly nothing special so far.

These are of course my experiences so far but feel free to comment if you particularly enjoy one of the boosts...

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