Titanfall 2 - Release Date & Offline Single Player Confirmed

Titanfall 2 - Release Date & Offline Single Player Confirmed

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Respawn have confirmed that Titanfall 2 will come with an offline single player mode - something which is warmly welcomed by fans of the original title. This offline mode allows players to enjoy a campaign story, whether servers are available or not.

If you remember back to the original a game, players had to unlock a rather tedious online version of a campaign which was more like a series of online matches than anything resembling a story. Completing this mode was essential if you wanted to unlock any of the advanced Titans.

Single Player Trailer

Two hours before EA's official E3 pre-show and someone accidently let the single player trailer slip out. It has now been officially uploaded to YouTube and various other video sharing sites.

In addition to the excellent news of a single player mode, we also learnt about the release date for Titanfall 2. The game is due to launch on October 28th at roughly the same time as both Gears of War and Battlefield 1.

Respawn did have an exclusivity arrangement with Microsoft last time around which meant that the game was only released for Xbox One and PC. With Titanfall 2 however, the game will be released to both current gen consoles and PC simultaneously.

New features shown in trailer

New Titans

There were several new Titans shown in the trailer and EA have since confirmed that six new Titans are coming to the final game. The most noticeable Titan in the trailer was the robot with proficiently in close combat martial arts. Towards the end of the trailer the Titan inflicts a roundhouse kick on another Titan and then follows it up with a cannon weapon to the face.

Titan with arc claw

Another new Titan was shown with what appears to be "arc claws" that can be used to smash the ground. We didn't see any other Titans nor pilots getting hit by this move so we don't know if it's a defensive stun or an offensive electric attack yet.

In the original game, new Titans were unlocked by completing the story mode and achieving a minimum level requirement. The same will be true for Titanfall 2 which we know has a redesigned progression system and a greater, more immersive story mode.

Eject and grapple hook

Titanfall 2

Titans can launch the human pilot many hundreds of metres into the air, to grapple onto nearby natural objects or man made constructions. Using this method, pilots can cross large canyons or reach elevated platforms that would ordinarily be out of reach of parkour or progressive wall running.

In the original game, players could eject from a Titan but they would only fling up into the air and float down to the ground again - there was no strategic control. With the new mechanic, players will cross inaccessible areas, at the cost of loosing their Titan.

Titan behaviour - enhanced auto-titan

titanfall 2 screenshot cinematic

Titans are more of a companion this time around, rather than a callable ally. They will follow and protect you to a certain extent. The three vows for a Titan mention "protect" so it's possible that Titans will follow and protect pilots from harm.

Abilities - Death Ray, Telekinetic Push, Ground Slam

Titanfall 2 - Death Ray

New unique abilities, tied to each of the Titan chassis. There was a red "Death Ray" ability that propelled a thick lazer beam of light, another titan "pushed" another titan away with a "Telekinetic" melee and we also saw a Titan smash the ground to cause a shock wave that propelled along the ground, knocking over enemy Titans that got in the way.


Titanfall 2 - sword attack

One of the new Titan model's comes with a large, arc sword that can be used to slash and execute other Titans. We saw in the gameplay footage that the Titan first attacked with an overhead swing before impaling the sword into the other Titan to reduce it to nothing more than a pile of scrap.

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