Titanfall 2 - How to Get Credits

Titanfall 2 - How to Get Credits

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Respawn have introduced a new monetary system in Titanfall 2 called Credits. Most of the games high level unlocks are behind both a level cap and a credit amount, requiring players to carefully choose which upgrades and new weapons they want to unlock first.

Things are not cheap in the game either. For example the Cloak ability, which is one of the games best perks, is unlocked by spending 500 Credits.

Smaller unlocks such as weapon attachments and mods have a much lower Credit unlock, well below the 100 Credit mark. However, spending smaller amounts soon adds up, pricing you out of some of the games best unlocks.

How to get credits

Post-match review screen

In multiplayer, Credits are rewarded following a match. Look closely at the post-match screen and take note of the coloured bars at the bottom of the screen.

Although it's not very clear because the Credit tally doesn't change in front of your eyes, these coloured bars are directly responsible for your Credit total.

There are two main types of reward:

Match achievements

Particular match achievements will reward you with Credits. These are shown as red bars on the post-match review screen. For example in my game (see image above) I received 3 x Credits for these achievements:

  • Good performance (i.e top of match scoreboard)
  • Finishing the match
  • Winning team

By playing the game consistently you'll always be rewarded with at least one Credit per match.

Milestones (levels)

Other incremental milestones such as levelling up your weapons and skills will also reward you with credits. These also appear on the post-match screen but they are different colours e.g yellow, blue etc. These large bars are also split into smaller horizontal "bars" that get stacked as you level up.

For every horizontal bar increase you will earn an additional credit to your tally.

It's worth sticking with your most effective weapons to quickly gain Credits in this manner.

Below are some examples of milestones that reward Credits:

  • Weapon level up
  • Titan level up
  • Ability level up

Black Market / Micro-transactions?

Although we haven't seen this yet, one of the other ways to get Credits may be through microtransactions. This seems unlikely though considering all of the Titanfall 2 DLC will be free.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Black Market in Titanfall 2 and how Credits affect your purchases.

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